Upsampling to PCM and DSD Vivaldi Upsampler justified?


I want to upgrade my legacy Delius and Purcell that I currently use with a Network Bridge, Roon, QoBuz and Mosaic. I love the upsampled sound from this set up.

I would ideally like the Rossini DAC and to reduce the box count by losing the Network Bridge but wonder whether a Vivaldi Upsampler is justified.

I notice the Rossini upsamples to DSD and the Vivaldi to upsampled PCM and DSD. I seem to remember that the Purcell performs interpolation to upsample PCM and get the sound I love and presume the Vivaldi will too.

Does the Rossini DSD upsampling perform interpolation and would there be a benefit to having a Vivaldi Upsampler?



No, a Vivaldi upsampler would not be a good move in this context. Don’t worry about interpolation or any other techno stuff. The fact is that any third generation dCS product outperforms any component from an earlier generation especially the first. So no neither the Rossini nor the Vivaldi upsampler separately or in combination will give you the sound you love from the Purcell/Delius. Either will be significantly better - to a degree that will floor you. If you really have the money for a Rossini + Vivaldi Upsampler then buy a Vivaldi DAC first instead . That will give you the biggest bang for less money even without the upsampling

The Rossini is already an upsampler and is also a network streamer. So if you bought a Vivaldi upsampler and paired it with a Rossini DAC or Player then you would be paying a lot of money to have a redundant upsampler and a redundant streamer. The Vivaldi upsampler is made to mate with a Vivaldi DAC and ideally needs the system clock too. If you can reach for these then fine.

Bluntly my advice is not to try and work out what will or won’t work as an exercise on paper. Get in touch with a dealer and get a showroom demonstration or best of all a home demo. You will then find out the huge gap between the Delius /Purcell and the Rossini and the even larger one with the Vivaldi combination. I am confident that you will immediately forget about the Delius /Purcell .


You know what I love about Pete? He just makes so much sense.

Rossini (as well as Bartók) does upsample to DXD (24/384 rate PCM). Don’t let any omission of spec information give you any wrong impressions what these DACs are capable of. There is a good variety of filtering options to suit your preference.

Taken from the dCS Rossini page: User selectable PCM upsampling to DXD, DSD or DSDx2.