Upsampling bartok

My dealer left me a Bartok to test at home and it sounds great but I don’t understand why it can’t upsampling up to dsd 256 or 512.

  • are these options going to come as an update?
  • Bartok has enough power?
  • Can I disable upsampling from Mossic?


DSD 256 or 512 is not available on any dCS product .

Bartok probably ( almost certainly ) has sufficient power . So far dCS’ stance as has been that there is insufficient demand to warrant the development expenditure.That decision seems primarily related to the limited availability of original recordings in such formats rather then upsampling per se. Whether or not they ever become available as an update is unknown to us users.

dCS decided not to make upsampling defeatable with Rossini which I think remains the case. So I assume that the same concept has been applied to Bartok. So native sample rates are only available with Vivaldi. However there is a “clone” mode in the Mosaic control options for Vivaldi which defeats any upsampling selected. I do not have Bartok but you could look in the Mosaic options to see if you also get that with Bartok.

That there is not much material in dsd 256 or 512 I do not think it has to do with upsampling up to 256 or 512. It seems more like a marketing issue to buy the next versions.

On the other hand, using Mosaic and playing MQA doesn’t perform like Roon does. Why?

I am tempted to ask, why should it? However you don’t really give enough information in your question about any difference to suggest an answer.

That could be but only if dCS has the world’s most incompetent marketing team. There is no next version. Bartok is a recent product. dCS will be refreshing the ranges in due course but their normal procedure is to start with the flagship line and work down through the product range over the ensuing years. On the evidence of past product cycles that would make the replacement for Bartok ready to buy in around 2026/7. Well they might be happy not to sell a Bartok for the intervening 6 years as they want you to buy the next one, but… :thinking:

Excuse me but I do not speak English well, it is not my mother tongue and I use a translator.
What I mean is that MQA doesn’t work on Mosaic. In Roon it does.

What I mean is that I do not understand how a product of this price can not upsampling until dsd512 when almost all high-end dacs can, like Chord or having HQplayer.

I think that you do not quite " get" the dCS brand at present . They are not like a large Japanese or South Korean company making millions of pieces to a strict one year’s production schedule just to be replaced with next year’s novelty in a few months. You are looking at a Ferrari not Ford audio equivalent ( much as I like Ford cars).

If DSD 256 or 512 upsampling provides a real and not illusory benefit and has sufficient demand then no doubt dCS may feel it worthwhile investing the considerable resources needed ( we are probably talking a minimum of tens to hundreds of thousands of pounds given dCS’ perfectionist approach). Please appreciate that dCS was involved in the development of DSD and its original carrier SACD in the first place and subsequently with the invention of DoP. They were the first company to produce practical products able to process nearly all ( all?) of the high resolution formats too.They have more than enough ability to do it to the highest standards if they think it appropriate.

MQA is fully implemented in Bartok so exactly what problem are you experiencing? No doubt someone here will be able to help you.

BTW your communication in English is pretty good. Don’t underestimate your skills :slightly_smiling_face:.

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Very interestng, thanks for sharing