Upnp mosaic -or other control points?

Hi folks,
is there any other way play music from nas (upnp) and using Mosaic? or is Mosaic the only way to control? Many thanks!!

You can also use Roon ( needs subscription and a device to run Roon Core) assuming that you mean using dCS components which are of the current current generation as they are Roon endpoints.

However your initial question is broader :

There are many ways of playing music from NAS ( UPnP). However Mosaic is dedicated to dCS components and cannot be used with other brands of network players/processors.

NB: Only Mosaic or the dedicated universal IR remote will provide control of the dCS components themselves.

Many thanks Pete!!

DCS DAC’s provide a UPnP AVTransport interface which can be used by UPnP control points to control the DAC. Audacity is one example of a music player program that can control a DCS DAC through this interface which also provides volume control.

However there is one big drawback in using this interface and it is that DCS have not implemented the optional nextURL command which means that gapless playback is not possible.

thanks David!
I will give it a try!

Hmmm, with respect to David I don’t see Audacity as a control point.:

There are couple of other UPnP Control point clients that are compatible with dCS hardware (to various levels).

For example, mConnect (on both iOS and Android) but is mostly designed for and associated with ConversDigital’s streaming board hardware (used in Ayre, PS Audio etc.). And the more popular BubbleUPnP (Android).

I’m sure there are a few more that I’m not recalling at the moment :grin:

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Anup, are those actually fully compatible ( rather than just broadly functional)? I am asking as we have had several postings in the past about problems when using bubble UPnP.

thanks Anup,
mConnect works for me but only for my melco connected to dcs via USB, not streaming. could be wrong here ,

Thank you for being so polite Pete and apologies to anyone I may have misled. I meant to type Audirvana and mistakenly typed Audacity!

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Thanks for the oirrection. However I think that the OP is asking whether there is an alternative control point fo Mosaic for dcS streaming that he can use . Which is why I wrote:


Audirvana isn’t a control point but a full media player of which there are many alternatives ( JRiver, Volumio, Foobar etc.) It runs on a PC or Mac and it is that computer which is controlled not any dCS component. It plays out ( streams ) to a DAC ( I would guess usually using USB). However I think all of these alternatives strictly lie outside of the context of a dCS based system . A dCS DAC could of course be used for analogue conversion though it would not be controlled by such players.

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Pete, kind of depends on what you mean by “fully compatible" I guess.

With BubbleUpnP, there’s no problem selecting a dCS platform to playback on, and the client works fine with any UPnP server (including MinimServer and Melco Twonky).

Even controlling the dCS Volume & Mute works (albeit, on the current BubbleUPnP client, Up is down and Down is Up for volume adjustment with dCS). But fancier features like gapless playback or playlist creation don’t work.

(Here’s a screenshot of BubbleUPnP playback Pink Floyd @192/24 Qobuz on my Bartok)

Thats strange. It should work just fine over Ethernet (I don’t use USB to my dCS), including volume control of the dCS (as well browsing the streaming services and UPnP server etc). I have had some minor problems though, like DSD track titles not showing up on the dCS, but they playback fine.

(I just checked it to be sure, here’s a screenshot of mConnect playing back a DSD track).

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which mconnect do you use please? i find in the app store: mconnect control, control HD, Player HD, lite and mconnect player ! thanks!!

…forgot …the Ansuz doesn’t show dCS/sources since filtering! but ok- this really seems to work!

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Why not use Mosaic? It’s the best sounding player on my system including the much more featured Roon. Most other players work via USB input but don’t control the DACs settings.

I like f.ex. kazoo/kinsky or lumin, especially the settings on how you’ll see the albums /artists.

I couldn’t agree more with the sentiment of why not Mosaic.

That said, with respect to “best sounding” though, being a UPnP control point client, Mosaic Control’s only job is to tells the DAC where to go and directly fetch the music stream from (whether the UPnP Server, or online like Qobuz).

Thereafter, Mosaic Control does not play any part (other than to receive metadata from the DAC about the progress of the playback). Which is why you can turn off Mosaic on your iPhone or iPad, and the music continues to play.

So, regardless of which control point client you use, Mosaic or BubbleUPnP or mConnect etc., the DAC playback will sound exactly the same.