Upcoming Rossini H/W Upgrade?

Anyone hearing about an upcoming hardware upgrade for the Rossini that improves sound quality? Sorry I don’t have specifics but a dCS friend of mine just called me about this.

I understand that after the difficulties that dCS encountered with the MQA upgrade some years ago which led to them missing publicly announced target dates repeatedly dCS announced that they would no longer announce upgrades until they are actually available.

There may be a Bartok upgrade at some point sooner or later but beyond this it is just speculation. I assume by dCS friend you mean a fellow owner and not a dCS staff member?

Yes Pete, a fellow dCS owner.

H/W upgrade for the Rossini? Or do you mean S/W-FW upgrade?

How would one even do a hardware upgrade - or perhaps you are referring to simply a new Rossini?

Just for the record there have been hardware upgrades to dCS products in the past. Elgar and Purcell had encrypted IEEE1394 interfaces added to enable SACD/DSD processing and Scarlatti/Paganini clocks had USB ( in) and S/Pdif ( out) connectors installed retrospectively to enable DoP processing if I recall correctly ( the original and more limited USB input was on the Upsampler). As well as control board changes both upgrades also required new rear panels so it meant a return to factory ( or distributor) for fitting.

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Wasn’t there also a hardware update to the Vivaldi Upsampler, Pete? If I understand correctly it was the only part of the Vivaldi stack that (sometimes*) needed hardware changes as part of the 2.0 update.

*The later units would have shipped with the updated hardware already, of course. I think it was just the earlier ones that needed some dCS fingers involved.

If there was a hardware update then I was out of the loop on this as I did not buy my Upsampler until last year, well after the v.2.0 Vivaldi update. So whatever they did was already baked in to my sample ( or Upsample :smile:).

Yes there was. If I recall correctly, just the Stream board was upgraded from the original, to the same one as in the Rossini :grin: