U-Clock Puccini

I have a DCS Bridge and a DCS Paganini DAC, I recently tested an Esoteric G-03 master clock and I didn’t feel any improvements in the Paganini+Bridege DAC set!
Now the opportunity to buy a U-Clock Puccini has appeared, my question, will I have a gain by adding the U-Clock Puccini to my DCS system?
(can’t listen before buying)

Assuming that you connected them properly, if you did not hear the difference, chances are high that you will not hear the difference with Puccini either.

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Influence of a masterclock can be very system dependend, sometimes there is a considerable gain to be had, but as many times I experienced very minor changes.(in equal resolving systems)

Best way is to try a clock in your own system, but a second hand unit can always be bought and sold again if there is only a minor result.

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Try to find a Scarlatti clock. You will obtain a much better result.

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Thank you very much for the answers, I will look for a Master Clock Paganini with a USB port!