To Innuos owners

can you stream with the Innuos app (not Mosaic) music via LAN directly to dCS? (that means Innuos app has to see dCS as a “source” I guess…)

And if so, does it work with a swtich inbetween as well?

Thanks a lot!

Yes, I use my Innuos as a file server and use Sense to play local files and stream through my Lina. Sense has profiles to choose for best compatibility including a “Bartok” profile which works for me. I prefer the Sense App over Mosaic. I have not tried a switch between them, but do have a GigaFoilv4 in between the Innuos and Lina. The only hiccup I’ve experienced is an occasional need to re-start the Innuos, especially if I try to move the Sense time bar slider while playing a track. Sounds just as good as Mosaic in my experience. Good luck!

Awesome- thanks Steve! That opens up a new playground for me :slight_smile:

Innuos integrates the AssetUPnP Server into their platform, which can be front-ended by either their Sense App, or Mosaic. You can read about it here;

By the way, keep in mind both the Sense App and Mosaic are Control-Point Apps, they don’t play any part in the actual streaming that goes on between the UPnP Server and the dCS Component, so they have absolutely no impact on sound quality, and will not sound different.

Thanks Anup- very good info!!!

Pulled the trigger today for Innuos Statement Next Gen 8TB :slight_smile:


…a beast…after two days of data migration (USB import), I got some time to listen to the Innuos Statement Next Gen a few tracks (it’s been late now). For now, I swear I have some new speakers…incredible bass and wiiiiide soundstage. The Melco was not bad and it’s a great vfm- but if you have a Rossini or even a Vivaldi go for an Innuos Statement (I know…shitty expensive but worth it!). The power supply is a beast itself- guess it’s about 13kg…
The Innuos app is a fun to use- without reading a manual I could import the music, running the system as upnp source, set time, CD imports etc.
I’m running the system in upnp server mode, a roon core is connected with Tellurium Q Ethernet and Ansuz X2 power cable.
My next stop is the Ansuz D3 switch - should be there in 1-2weeks…
I understand why Innuos wins many awards and product of the year sticker :wink:

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Two boxer - no room even if I could afford one given it’s :

However I congratulate you.

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