Time for some new innovative products to kick-start 2021!?

Waiting for some new products or add-ons , FW/SW , or something to elaborate with, even if it is corona times i would like to see some innovation from dCS to aim on for the customers and fans.

It has been very quiet lately

Maybe not hardware, but Tidal Connect might be fun to have? Run Tidal without having to use Mosaic?


Adding Tidal Connect functionality is a great idea. Especially that the Tidal application for IOS is very friendly to the blind and I could use it when I want to play music from Tidal. Regards Robert Tota

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Ah I’m pleased to hear that, Robert - I’ve picked up that you’ve had your challenges with Mosaic …

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I’m glad you noticed my difficulties with Mosaic. I hope the new version will improve something in terms of Mosaic accessibility for the visually impaired. And that Mosaic will be stable in operation because after installing IOS 14.xx it closes every now and then. After this closing, I start from the welcome screen with the choice of device and so until I manage to select the UPNP server, search for the disc that I want to listen to and start playing it. Usually it takes 2 to 3 attempts to do this.
Regards Robert