Tidal/Qobuz on Mosaic

Hi Guys,
I have had a Tidal music account for a few years (and am billed by Tidal) but over the last few months the music service shows ‘Qobuz’ underneath the Album/Track when using Mosaic.

In the past, it has always shown ‘Tidal’ but recently all the album/tracks that I play show ‘Quobuz’. Has anyone seen this before? It’s not a big deal as everything works perfectly, but I’m not sure which service is actually streaming my music. I would contact Tidal, but I think it might be a Mosaic issue?

Thanks for any input or thoughts.

PS … I’m using a Rossini.

Are you able to post a screenshot?

Thanks for the screenshot. The reason why I asked is that it should show the service selected as well as what is playing. So you seem to be playing Qobuz but here is no service selected. Look at the very bottom of the screen in your image. You will see a white services icon ( a globe, it means it is connected to wifi). When a service is selected it should replace this with its own icon and be coloured blue.

Right now I am unsure what is happening but would you kindly open the Mosaic “Services” page ( this is the standard opening page of Mosaic and is a list of services, starting with UPnP.). Tap Qobuz. What does Mosaic display, Is it a selection of options such as Discover, Playlists, Favourites etc. or a request that you log in? Now do the same but selecting Tidal. Let me know.


It looks like if you use the “search” (Magnifying Glass) icon to switch between streaming services (TIDAL / Qobuz / Internet Radio / UPnP Servers / Podcasts rather than the drop down menu of streaming service providers then the icon at the bottom left of the screen doesn’t get updated - I’ll log it as an issue as I wasn’t aware that it did that but I’m not sure whether it’s a bug or not…



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@naperaudio, Phil’s helpful post raises the potential bug issue of the service icon not updating when streaming services are changed using a “search” method to switch. However this does not deal with your opening query of why you are seeing Qobuz streams when, according to your posts, you have no account with them.

I have a couple of scenarios in mind that might explain this. You should not be able to receive Qobuz streams without an account. So it looks like you have an account ( or trial period free account) without being aware. This is why I have asked you to advise me of what Mosaic displays when you select Qobuz from the Mosaic Services menu ( i.e. not using a search method). Can you kindly please still do this and let me know.


  • Discover
  • Playlists
  • Favorites
  • Purchases


  • New
  • Rising
  • Masters
  • Mixes
  • Playlist

Thanks for your response.

What you tell me confirms that you have accounts for both Tidal and Qobuz. If you did not have either account then Mosaic will request a log in for each instead of giving a list of selections. Obviously without an account you could not fulfil the request to log in. Qobuz remembers the user and password details hence there is no request except for the first time of use and once the service is selected thereon it opens to show the categories cited by you.

So my speculation is:

  1. You have opened a Qobuz account or have decided to try the service by trying the period of a free trial and have forgotten that you did this. When you open an account you have the service free for ( I think) 30 days. So no deduction is made from your credit card until the following month. I do not know where you live but there is a separate Qobuz service for each territory served. If you live in Europe the services are run from France. Hence any deductions showing in your credit card account may show as payable to the owning company, Xandrie and not as Qobuz. I do not know the situation for USA, Canada, Australia or NZ.


  1. Someone has access to your wifi e.g.a family member and has opened a Qobuz account and may also have been able to use your phone or tablet device.

  2. There is a fault with Mosaic whereby it reports Tidal as Qobuz. I do not think this is either possible or likely. There are many members of this forum who are also Tidal members. If such a fault existed these threads would be full of questions regarding this. However it is only you.

An issue that occurs to me is that you either cannot recall or do not know the log in details. Without these you cannot either set up Qobuz correctly ( or use it fully) or cancel it. To do this you need access to your full Qobuz account. To see the account you need to download a Qobuz application to your computer (google Qobuz and select " Download your Qobuz application" from the selection at the bottom of the home page). The Qobuz selection in Mosaic does not allow access to your full account.

I think I am correct but let me know how you get on .

Pete’s right.

Plus from your screenshot, we can be sure it’s not Tidal mislabeled as Qobuz because that Liberty album is only available as 24/48 on Qobuz. The version on Tidal via Mosaic is redbook 16/44 only.

Your system is playing back from Qobuz, not Tidal.

Overseas now so I cannot use my copy of Mosaic to test. Can’t the original poster simply go into Mosaic and log out of Qobuz? Try to stream the album again and we will have the answer.

Thanks Gregg, however he will still be paying for a service that it seems he believes he has never bought. His post says that he only knows he is billed by Tidal.Every month a further deduction will be made from his credit card by Qobuz as by joining a direct debit is set up.He can only stop this happening by cancellling the service and to do this requires access to his full account. If he does not think that he has such an account then he can’t know the log in password.

Of course if he now decides to keep the service there will be no immediate issue.

Hi Pete - yes understood. My suggestion was only to determine if there was a bug in Mosaic. I did not notice Anups comment about the album not existing on Tidal so we now know Mosaic is not the culprit :laughing:

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Hi Pete,

Oddly I had a query from a different customer the other week who had exactly the opposite issue - he was playing music from TIDAL without having a TIDAL account but when we looked at his Mosaic it was logged in to a TIDAL account the provenance of which he had no idea of.

Of course he decided not to log out of it… :smiley:


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Yes, I think that people should be reminded to check their monthly credit card statements carefully. Although streaming services may offer free trial periods,unless they are cancelled the account will roll on beyond the trial period and will then attract a charge. So if you don’t want the service after trying it just logging out won’t stop a monthly deduction of £12 ( or whatever).

Well Qobuz sure sets the customer service bar to a high level …

Here are my responses:

  • After trying to contact them last night, the automated reply was “contact us during normal business hours”
  • After trying this morning, the website states the “average” response time is one week.
  • After typing my question, the automated reply was “we are busier than normal expect longer delays”.
  • Then I received another reply “our service team is out, it will be 4 hours until your response is reviewed”.

Quick question … is it possible that your Rossini is an ex-demo or secondhand unit?

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Although I sympathise with your frustration I have always received reasonably timely responses to my queries with them. However I would repeat that the Qobuz service for each territory is separate. Unfortunately I do not know which Qobuz service you are trying to contact. I am a subscriber to Qobuz UK.

I also expect that there may be a difference between a general query and one using the customer service link which will be found in your account settings. BTW, a 4 hr delay before a query is read is pretty good. Most businesses quote up to 7 days typical response to emails.

Hey Pete,
I guess I have a bias, as I used to manage a Customer Care Center for a major US Financial Institution. I had standard of 1 hour for a response and 24 hours for an initial resolution

While I know that my responsibility is different than running customer service for a multinational company, I still think the multiple messages I received definitely convey the attitude that “we’re too busy so just accept our inefficiency”.

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I take your point. However I would point out how small Qobuz is. The last time I looked a couple of years ago Qobuz USA had a total staff of 8 people ( it may be larger now I do not know). In comparison Spotify recently had a staff level of 9,123 and a subscriber base of 226 million at the end of last December. OK not exactly a true comparison as Spotify are a single organisation serving the world but it gives an idea of the scales and thereby likely available resources involved.

Well a week later and I finally hear from Qobuz. The information was no surprise to me.

Per the Qobuz representative:

  • I do not have a Qobuz account
  • I have never had a Qobuz account
  • I have never signed up for a “free trial”
  • No one at my home address has ever been registered for an account

So I guess I just have a “phantom” account.

Thanks to everyone for your kind support.