Tidal "My daily news" in Mosaic

There is a “Daily news” on Tidal but I can’t find it on Mosaic. Does anyone know where it is? or is Mosaic not showing it?


Mosaic is intended as a basic replay application and not more. All activities have to fit into the Mosaic format which is effectively album/artist/track although there are minor track related additions available like track information. When choosing an internet radio station, for example, the station identity is treated as if it was an album title.

This means that there is no place to display items within the format like “news” even if the streaming service makes it available in their API ( which they may not). That is not a fault, it just lies beyond what Mosaic is intended for. I therefore suggest accessing additional text material via your computer and the service’s desktop app.

Pete, thank you for your thoughtful response.

Right now I’m testing Tidal Connect with Volumio on an Rpi4 via usb.
It is a pity that dCS does not want to implement Tidal Connect. Operating from the native application gives many advantages to discover new music and not having to operate with third-party applications truncated of possibilities.

Have they actually said so? I do know that they have a long list of things to do and unless they have ruled it out it might turn up in the future. However items on that list have to justify the cost of the engineering required to implement them and there needs to be available resources to undertake the project.

Pete, I think Opm is referring to this;

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I just saw that Lumin has already upgraded to Tidal Connect.
I don’t know what dCS is waiting for …

The money is the answer. As discussed in the past, additions such as this do not cost dCS a small amount. For adding DSD256 replay I ventured that it would cost them tens of thousands of pounds. @Andrew Papanikolas corrected me saying I was out by a magnitude.

I have no doubt were you to send them the 10-100K $/£/€ + needed they would be on to it like a shot :smiley:.

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May '20

Yep… except your cost estimate is off by close to an order of magnitude. Once you take into account development time, testing, verification, and support the cost is astronomical.

I bet that $ 100K dCS will join Spotify HIFI very quickly