Tidal FLAC Hi Res

https://www.soundandvision.com/content/tidal-adopting-hi-res-flac-hifi-plus-subscribers Following news about MQA , Tidal fast answer…


Good news :+1:

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One thing that made me think is not so much he continuance of MQA streaming but MQA encoding. I don’t know how this ended up being done but the last time I looked it seemed to be a process carried out by MQA rather than the record label. Of course if MQA discontinues that would mean no new additions to the catalogue.

I know people are already gleefully dancing on the grave of MQA, but for those familiar with US Bankruptcy law they’ve only entered the equivalent of Chapter 11 reorganization rather than Chapter 7 liquidation.

The question is whether someone - whether a consumer electronics company or a record label - will step in to purchase them outright at this point.

Certainly there are multiple equipment makers who might be willing to buy them to avoid having to explain why that MQA logo they’ve silk screened onto all their products is now meaningless. :wink:

Also a major label might be willing to buy them so that they don’t have to allow steamers to send l out high res versions of their product in unprotected FLAC.

It’s all a crap shoot right now.


Bill is correct about some of us (including me) dancing on the MQA grave, and also about the process. MQA as technology itself isn’t necessarily going to dry up and blow away, but I am optimistic their current business model is dead, which is the part I objected to. I have no problem with the technology being available to those who want to deploy and use it. And I expect that asset will survive for a while or evolve into a piece of something new. Maybe.

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I agree - I made a similar comment elsewhere on here that it could be in the interests of the licensees to buy the IP (likely at a knock-down price) and open source it

Anyway, TIDAL is not going to acquire MQA:

From: https://twitteringmachines.com/breaking-news-tidal-set-to-roll-out-hi-res-flac-for-hifi-plus-subscribers-soon/

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