Think about adding a Melco

Many great comments and suggestions. When I eventually get the Melco I will probably reach out again. But, if Mosaic can take the metadata as I’ve edited I think I’ll get it work out. What is one to do in the winter during a pandemic anyway.

Hi All,

I got the Melco and all is working fine except that the Bartok will not recognize edited files. I changed some metadata - basically just tagging front covers - and the Bartok just has “Modified or deleted item”. Ok fine, but how can I get the Bartok to accept these changes? And, of course, the front cover is not present.



Do you mean that Bartok will not recognise the files or Mosaic will not?

What files are you talking about; FLACs? If so how did you edit the metadata, by editing the ID3 file? If so there is no reason why the front cover is missing.

Finally was the Melco purchased new or used? If used or maybe NOS, are you running Twonky or MinimServer UPnP server software? if MinimServer have you also downloaded MinimWatch or MinimWatch 2 ( depending on the MInimServer version) to your computer?

NB: “Modified or Deleted” is an unusual error message. Are you sure that it isn’t " Moved or Deleted"?

Sorry for redundancy - not sure if my previous message went through:

The Melco is new. The files are .wav. As a test I uploaded 3 albums: an album ripped with dbspoweramp (by someone else) and two ripped by me with Exact Audio Copy. On the first EAC album I tagged the front cover using Foobar, on the second I only left the jpeg file front.jpg in the album’s folder (all you need for Aurender). The first 2 albums are fine.

This last album did not display the cover art, so I tried tagging using Foobar using the laptop on the network. This didn’t work, so I tried re-uploading the updated folder/files through the Melco’s USB. Mosaic does not recognize the new files, and only displays “Modified or deleted item” where each of the tracks used to be - not really an error message per se. No music files to be seen in Mosaic. The group, album title, and genre can still be seen though. When I look at the Melco’s drive on my network the new files are there, but Mosaic is not seeing them.

Thanks for any suggestions.

Ach! My bad. I just noticed the ‘Rescan Songs and Playlists’ in the Music Database submenu. Aurender did this automatically, but I prefer this way - a bit more control.

Ah, so if I understand correctly the problem was that you have loaded the music files into the Melco’s storage but not scanned them into the UPnP server software.

If I am correct is everything now working as it should?

Yes- so far so good! I’m now importing my library- which will take a few more hours. The Melco sounds great with the Bartok via Ethernet direct.

Many thanks!

Best, Paul