Things I miss from Mosaic v.1.4

I am sorry that Mosaic v.1.4 in full screen view if compared to earlier versions loses:

  1. The playing time countdown.

  2. Any indication of the type or resolution of the file being processed.

All there is now in this view is a larger image of the cover art.

Can it be fixed in v.1.4.1?

I checked and this is the same in iOS and Android versions.

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Further to the above this issue seems to be repertoire connected. Mostly I had been streaming Qobuz and had the above result. However using UPnP I got the timing and file tech details on some selections but not on others.

With v.1.3 the required information seemed to be 100% intact.

not a missing feature. but a small request.

Like many, I have my Bartok display set to off. From a safety and usability perspective, I wish the the volume display would light up when using the volume control in mosaic or roon. I.e. behave the same way when you physically turn the volume knob


what a great idea - yes, I’d like to have my display off - but don’t because when adjusting the volume - it doesn’t show…

yes please dCS

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Just trying to understand your thinking around this so a couple of questions if I may…

Wouldn’t you then need to take your eyes off the app to see the volume display?

What would the volume display on the unit lighting up bring to the party in the way of functionality or information that the volume display on the Mosaic app doesn’t?