The way Mosaic displays albums when using Qobuz

I’m finding it very annoying that when I search new release albums via Qobuz on the Mosaic app it regularly displays music that proves to be unplayable - probably because it has not yet been released. Yet if I search the same music directly in the Qobuz app it doesn’t display it. Two current examples are the new Van Morrison album ‘Dangerous’ and The Black Keys ‘Drop Out Boogie’. Also if you try and play one of these unplayable tracks while something else is playing you get an error message and it stops the current playing track and nothing plays. It seems that Mosaic displays all tracks on a new album as soon as one of the tracks is released. As far as I can see neither Tidal or Spotify do this.
This is a topic I hope dCS will reply to directly. Firstly why don’t you just not allow Mosaic to display the tracks if they are not playable. Or, at least label them clearly as unplayable with a symbol - I’m aware the track time displays. Or perhaps provide a filter so it is simple to at avoid seeing them?

This is not actually a problem with Mosaic, it’s an issue with airable; the music streaming services aggregator company that dCS (and many others) use.

Basically, when you browse or search on Mosaic, the results returned in fact comes from airable, not from Qobuz itself - that’s why the occasional discrepancy between what you see on Mosaic vs. the native Qobuz app on your PC/Mac. Only when you select a particular album or track to play does airable then point the dCS DAC to where to fetch that particular album/track from Qobuz’ global cache servers.

The reason you’re not experiencing exactly the same issue with Tidal is likely because of differences in the way Tidal updates airable daily with their catalogs versus how Qobuz does it.

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Many thanks for this helpful reply. Useful info but it’s still a rather annoying issue!