The new HifiMan Susvara Unveiled headphones

Later this month it will be available.


Frequency Response: 6Hz-75kHz
Sensitivity: 86dB
Impedance: 45Ω
Weight: 430 grams/16.16 ounces

It is supposed to go very well with the dCS Lina Headamp. I will see :

The amplifier will drive the full 14Vrms (volts root mean square, the ‘average’ voltage output – the ‘peak’ output voltage will be considerably higher than this), down to 45Ω, which was the objective to ensure headphones that require significant amounts of voltage are correctly driven.

This allows the amplifier to drive an impressive maximum of 4.5W per channel continuous into 45Ω, while maintaining the excellent linearity typically associated with a Class A amplifier.



And only $8k. Gosh what a bargain.

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You can’t buy a 1m length of top of range interconnect cable from some brands for that. We all know that cable prices are fair and reasonable. So a pair of cans for 8K must indeed be a bargain :wink:.


I will first have a demo, and compare it with my OG Susvara, to determine if it is worth the 8K.

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On the paper, neither grill nor any protection of the diaphragms when the headphone is in use seem a quite bad idea to me.
One day, there will always be a small metal thing laying somewhere (dime, pin, dust…) that will be attracted by the headphone magnets, very likely to touch and damage the diaphragms.
Same if one of your finger rips when manipulating the headphone and touch one of the diaphragm…

My two cents,


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That is indeed something to be concerned about. We have to wait for hands-on reviews to see if this indeed is an issue.