The 7th February, something is coming?

Something is coming on February the 7th according with some dCS note today on Instagram …someone knows more about this?


Bartok apex maybe

NEXT GENERATION is the title now in dCS website with the countdown … It seems to much for just Bartok Apex …

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And on Twitter:

Hard time to understand how a $9000 upgrade makes sense on Bartok.


You already know the price of the upgrade :wink:

I am just guessing, we will see what next wonder invention is coming.

Maybe a new separate streamer

The Adrián Berenguer track accompanying the teaser is a very nice touch. Time to guess composer names? :smiley:

I will venture maybe a cheaper line of DACs

Next generation could be the replacement of the Vivaldi line…based on the Apex…Instead of doing Apex MkII and MKIII etc…Less boxes, more modular or more compact ?

The only thing I cannot imagine is that it could be more expensive :laughing:


The only thing I cannot imagine is that it could be more expensive :laughing:

Ha! That’s the easiest thing to imagine!


Anyway, the “next generation” of what? The successor to Vivaldi makes perfect sense, and it is probably my bet. Even a free Apex upgrade to Barton would not constitute a “next generation.” Lina has already made claim to the headphone amp/DAC standard.

Perhaps not a new line, but the Ring DAC core itself? A new generation Ring DAC would set the stage for succession paths for all tiers.

Streamer? Server? Streamer/server?

Espresso machine?

The Jacob Heilbrunn TAS review commentary that Erno posted was probably the first clue something big was imminent.

Coming almost exactly a decade after the Vivaldi’s launch, a next-gen flagship system would make sense. :wink:


Amplifier…following Lina’s steps. Why headphone’s amplifier and not speaker’s amplifier? And also why not a new and nice streamer?

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Why would you come out with Apex and immediately replace it? Makes zero sense.


I am guessing amplification

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I hope you are correct Miguel, because that will save me money.

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I told the wife this morning to expect an upgrade expenditure, and she goes; What do I get? :man_facepalming:t2: … So, yeah, likewise, an Amplifier would save me “double” :rofl:


According to the photo, it has 2 AES/EBU inputs, 3 BNC (maybe WCK) , SPDIF (1 RCA ,1 BNC ,etc) , Unbal Analog outputs . The interface layout is the same as Bartok & Rossini , while there are 4 AES/EBU Inputs in dCS Vivaldi. Back to the topic: the next generation. Maybe it is a Bartok Apex. Or it is a non-CD/SACD version of Vivaldi One Apex

If I were a betting man, I’d be looking at a new DAC ring platform - in a mono chassis. But who knows - I’d rather not bet!