Taiko SGM Extreme

…just read a review about it…wow…until I checked the price tag!
Does one know if there is a smaller unit (lower price…) out there?

You may wish to consider the Grimm MU1…
There are many glowing reviews online. Here is one of the threads;

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Many divergent views, as ever…

Here’s a review from Stereophile

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Of course, the moot point is the Grimm upsampling function (which can’t be disabled in the Rossini), so it will be a subjective decision (as ever) as to what your ears and wallet prefer, and what fits best in your system…

Thanks for response!!

After following and reading the very positive +8000 post thread on another site regarding the Taiko Extreme I wanted to hear this unit first hand. I flew down and spent several hours auditioning the unit. Going in I thought I was almost ready to pulling the trigger on a unit. I must say I was underwhelmed by the experience. After a couple of hours we decided to compare it to the Aurender N30 which to all three of us offered better SQ. All the gear was the same and all we did was move the USB cable from the Taiko to the N30. We used Taiko’s app and Surender’s on the N30. No Roon involved.

Since the Taiko is under continuous upgrading and its app is far from ready for Prime Time I will revisit the unit later in the year. At this time I have no idea what the fuss is about.

Thanks Jim, the N30 Autender is price wise same ballpark?

The N30 is about $10k less I think.

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When I remember right, the Taiko will not output via Ethernet to dCS. That’s what made me pass on a test. I had a Pink Faun 2.16 ultra here only to find out it has the same issue. If you use Aurender, you bypass the dCS streaming board too and only use the DAC. Plus the N30 only has one clock input. That’s inconvenient when sample rates change and they often do during an extended listening session. I really like and want what the streaming board does as implemented inside the Vivaldi Upsampler. The delicate insight into the music is rather priceless.

Wadax has the Atlantis server, which I am interested in. Antipodes have the K and S lines. I had the K50 here and thought it messed up the micro timing. But that is a subjective observation and will probably not apply to everyone.

Here’s a thread on the Roon forum in a similar direction:

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Thanks Marco,
right now I spot the new Melco 2-unit system (head and power) with 5TB HDD. It costs under 8k here, maybe not “that” high end like A30 or SGM Extreme or Grimm…

T38.45, just a tip for all time : Do not confuse the price of something with how " high end" it is.

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…good point!

You are most welcome, @T38.45 :slightly_smiling_face:

Ah, good, I used to own a Melco server and was happy with it. I believe @PAR has one too. Just note that Melcos will not run Roon Core. If you want Roon as a user experience, then you would for example need to add a small Intel NUC running Roon Rock OS to your audio network. It could then access the Melco as a NAS. And the Melco would be your UPnP server for local music whenever you use the dCS Mosaic app.

This is an Intel NUC option I’m interested in should I not go the Wadax route and keep the Innuos:


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Thanks Marco- I know because I had some trouble with roon nucleus already (different topic :wink: ) Outcome: roon nucleus is out for a repair and I listen to music as you mention with minimserv on Melco (and Qobuz).
Sometimes I wish to have still my LP12…lift arm, put record on… and play music :wink:

Totally. I used to own an LP12 as well. :blush: The digital stuff is tiring. I console myself with the ability to bring the music collection during travels. A hotel room can be as nice as it wants, it is way better with music I care about. And it’s much preferable to enjoy music on a nine hour flight than play zombie with on demand videos.

the price for my dCS Rossini was to sell my full spec LP12 + pre amp + 1000 LPs…my wife loved this (more space)…but sometimes I WISH…
(what she doesn’t know: I have a secret list of LPs I would to buy again if… :wink: )

I won’t tell!
:smiley: :+1:

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I may be auditioning a Taiko SGM Extreme in the next few weeks. The dealer who will be bringing it over from the UK does not speak highly of it, but plans to bring one as a comparative unit to other high-end servers. If and when it happens, I will report back here with my observations.

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I had a demo. I have a DCS Vivaldo stack. The taiko has some interesting minor improvements worth about £1k. Not £25k by any stretch


1000 vs 25000 ….wow🤣