System finalized finally!

Dealer just did their “black magic” speaker placement (took a day and a half.) But my system is finally done. Sounds pretty great!


Great listening room

Gryphon Apex amps?

Ok, I’m jealous! Which speakers are you using?

Yes, Gryphon Apex. Rockport Lyra speakers. I wish it was a dedicated room but we made over a section of my basement. Still it turned out way above my expectations.


Please send a photo of your source components/rack, as they’re not easily discernible from this picture.

Here you go… Vivaldi Clock, DAC and Upsampler, Rossini transport (Vivaldi was unavailable)


Thanks. It’s a top notch set up, so no wonder your system sounds so good!
Enjoy! :blush:

Looks amazing. Bet it even sounds better.

Absolutely amazing. Congratulations!

What preamp and cables are you using? Looks stunning :heart_eyes:

Now THAT’s a man-cave. But it really needs a rug to tie the room together :grinning:

No preamp…DAC straight into Amps. Using Transparent XL level cables.

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Your system and room look great. I have a similar system, Vivaldi stack, Boulder amp, and Rockport Cyngus speakers. Now I’m working on the room. What brand of diffusers are you using on side and front walls? Also, how did you decide to cover the side walls with diffusers and do you think it made an improvement? To my thinking more diffusion the better but that contradicts what the “experts” advise.

I have the same cables as yours and I love them.

Also have Gryphon electronics, but I have Essence mono amps and the Pandora preamp. Love Gryphon :+1:!!


I currently have a Gryphon Diablo 300, which I’m upgrading to an Essence Pre/Stereo combo (unfortunately, I don’t have enough space for mono’s).

The Essence gear is scheduled to arrive next week…:crossed_fingers:


Vicoustic panels. My dealer is a diffusion fan so we didn’t put too much absorption in (the panels on the side are both.) We had to block up a fireplace on the front wall and cover a large mirror on the back wall with the gray diffusion panels. Like I said it turned out way above my expectations for a non dedicated space. I think that helped in some cases, like the bass can escape into the rest of the basement and not cause problems at the listening position. In the past I always listened to music in my theater so had almost no sound stage. Now the sound stage is fantastic. The only issue is the electricity. We had to scrounge a 20 amp circuit from the next room for the amps and the 15 amp circuit for the components is not dedicated. I wanted to try a power regenerator on the components but my dealer was adamant against it. Not sure why. I may try it anyway. The amps have enough capacitance that they are effectively separate from the power source so I’m not worried about them.

You’ll love Essence. However, if I wear you, I would also audition the Pandora preamp.

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I have a PS Audio P15 Power Regenerator feeding my Rossini Apex & Rossini Master clock, and I’m happy with the resultant sound.

My dealer is also adamant that my new Essence Stereo amp should not be connected to the P15, but straight from the wall via a Nordost QBase power distributor.
I’m willing to give it a try…

I was hugely impressed with the demo of the Essence Pre/Stereo, hence I took the plunge.
As I understand it, the Essence Pre is effectively the same as the Pandora pre, but in an Essence casing (to match the styling of the range).

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