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Hi, I have a Rossini DAC and I also have a stupid question, sorry for that. If i play Spotify using Spotify app on my iPad, I guess it’s Spotify Connect (WiFi) which is acting? If I start Spotify from Mosaic instead (my DAC is network connected via cable) the streaming is via cable? If I’m correct, is it better to go the ”Mosaic way” or doesn’t it matter for sound quality?

Actually, regardless of how you launch the Spotify App to play back on dCS, via Laptop or Mobile or via Mosaic, that Spotify App is only a control-point, it controls what tracks you want to listen to, but your dCS unit fetches the individual music streams directly from the Internet (via your cable). It does not “trombone” traffic to the Spotify App first and then to dCS (like with Airplay).

So, it doesn’t matter for sound quality where/how you use the Spotify App to play tracks on your dCS, they will be the same :+1:t2:


Okey, thanks. So if I play Spotify with my Spotify app on my iPad/iPhone, my music will always stream from internet through my cableconnection to my DAC (which I guess is to prefer)?
Then, in this scenario, Mosaic doesn’t make sense for music quality?

Yes, spot on :slight_smile:

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…and in the future, when Spotify Supremium will handle Flac lossless 24/192 or better :-), I will no longer need Tidal and/or Roon…?

Mosaic Control is a control-point application, it does not affect the quality of what you hear from your dCS DAC one way or another as the dCS DAC always fetches the music stream directly from the relevant sources in every case.

Even for example when you listen to Tidal via Mosaic (I don’t mean Tidal Connect); once the track is selected on Mosaic, it then instructs the dCS DAC to go fetch the track directly from Tidal. Mosaic does not play (pun unintended) any part in the streaming except to show you a real-time status of the track playback on the “now playing” screen.

Yes, if you only listening to streamed Music from external Service Providers.

If you have local music files, you still need either a UPnP Server, or Roon which is excellent if you have a large collection of local music files.

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Thank you, Anup, for the answers!