Still at it; trying to decide. Naim guy

So I’m still trying to figure this out. I recently took my ND555 and put it in my second systerm with a supernait 3 and Wilson Duette’s. Put my NDX2 in the main system (500/552/LP12 Superline/Supercap). In the main system my digital source is mainly used for non-serious listening sessions as the LP12 is reserved for that. However, the second system is just used for digital listening sessions. The ND555 sounds greeat with the supernait 3 but am now thinking about just getting a digital source directly to a New Classic Naim amp (250), maybe a Burmester, Vitus, or D’agostino but could be overkill for that system. Either a Bartok or Rossini (Both non-apex).

I can’t see going to direct into the 500 upstairs as the LP12 is too important to me with the superline/supercap.

Any help on an amp would be great as well as the digital front end. Thank you! I also cannot demo anything so buying used is my way to go here.

I cannot help with your specific situation however maybe I can get you to
“dip your toes in the water…don’t worry it’s fine”

Following up on what @Dunc started, and many of us Naimees have followed through with, I removed my 552 from the system and connected the Rossini APEX directly into the 500.

My short demo journey started…
Rossini APEX directly into a D’Agostino S250MxV - I preferred the 500
Rossini APEX into Nagra Classic Preamp/Nagra Classic Amp/Nagra Power Supply - disappointing
DarTZeel CTH-8550 Super Integrated - now we are talking. I can very easily live with this.

After 20+ years with Naim the 552/500 is moving on and DarTZeel separates NHB-108 model two amplifier and NHB-18NS preampamplfier will shortly be taking their place
(thanks and no thanks to @all2ofme who egged me on)


Whooooooooops :upside_down_face:

Vivaldi Apex DAC directly into Burmester 218 via Nordost Gold balanced interconnects.

216 and 218 are on another level compared to 911mk3. Apart from all the other sonic goodies, 218 has vanishingly low noise level.


Obviously gregg has already pointed you to my thread and it’s certainly worth reading as you are a naim guy.

But for a second system i would say any dCS dac would probably be over kill. Obviously your second system might just mean digital system.
But a rossini/clock into the right amp/speakers will certainly give your LP12/naim 500 kit a very hard time, i would go as far to say it’s not really got much chance in competing with it. The dCS dac’s are very good, and the newer range so much better than the ones before in the way they just flow the music too you. In the right system they are extremely hard to beat.
Also the bartock, rossini, and vivaldi have twin outputs that you could use into both systems if you wanted.
But for sure a rossini will bring a much better sound quality over the ND555, but you won’t get all the sound benefits if you run it through a naim 552dr that’s 100% correct as many have done just that and found the 552dr to be quite a road block.
But for a very simple one box solution you could get say a rossini into active speaker’s or a rossini player if you want to play Cd’s. Or if not find an amp with balanced inputs that suits your music style, and current speakers.

Thanks @Dunc. What do you mean by overkill? Too much to spend on a second system DAC? It would be a digital front end only in the second system. I was referring to overkill on the amp side in the sense of too big an amp for running Wilson Duette’s in a small room. Perhaps a new classic 250 would do the job with the new XLR inputs it has. Go direct from a Bartok or Rossini into that?

Over kill as in to get what say a rossini can really do, does require similar quality items in the chain. I wouldn’t say the naim 250 will do it justice, and maybe the speakers also.
I don’t want to come over as being snobbish or anything like that, but the rossini needs matching quality components in the chain.
Obviously only you can decide if it all works or not for you in your room, but spending rossini money you really want to try and max it if you can, as if not then what’s the point.

Just my view Obviously

Thanks for all the feedback everyone. I’ll just plan to listen some items and figure it out. Enjoy the music!