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Hello everyone. Happy New Year!

Has anyone ever used products from Stein Music (


Hello Franco @Frankie67,

happy new year to you too!

I looked at the website and had similar products in the past - harmonizers of some sort. Whether the perceived benefits were make-belief is another discussion. I’m not sure on that point. The real question is - if they are effective on the air in a room or the electronics in a device, what is their effect on the human body and mind. As soon as that question solidified, I got rid of the items belonging to that category. Subsequently subjective wellbeing went up. We can not know if there are detrimental effects on us or what their type or impact is. Then it becomes a question of whether it is a risk worth taking.

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I never purchased one but I had a friend who brought one over one time.

Like many devices, I never noticed it made a big difference when on, but when shut off I could tell immediately.

The price was high enough that I didn’t buy one, but it certainly made a difference.

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