SQ preference between BNC & AES input

I’ve a Mutec mc3+USB feeding a Bartok, BNC & AES in out are available in both machines. And i just have a Nordost Heimdall 2 Digital BNC around and connect Mutec SPDIF output to Bartok’s SPDIF input 2, both are BNC socket.

Just curious if i should replace it with AES connection and get any SQ advantage. Given that dCS is well known to be connected through AES, which is kind of de facto standard.

Seems no one talk about BNC input in dCS, and i can’t find info about bandwidth, noise rejection, jitter performance difference between these 2 interface and cables.

AES should provide an improvement over USB connection. Technically both BNC and SP/dif on RCA connections are identical except that the BNC connector will theoretically more closely match the 75 ohm standard. However for various reasons including the very short cable lengths used in domestic audio this is not of as much significance as some think for this particular interface. Basically AES, BNC and SP/dif are all just differing iterations of the AES 3 standard. USB is something else. However there is a difference with the dCS implementation of these interfaces as they also accept DoP which I don’t think is within AES 3 standard. However I am open to be corrected.