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Hi, I have Spotify Premium for Family and when my children have played Spotify Connect via their accounts I get problem when I will play Spotify via my devices. The Rossini DAC is no longer available as a Spotify Connect device.
I need to restart my DAC and then it works fine for me again.
What’s the problem? // KR Pontus

We investigated this for you a couple of weeks ago and there is an issue with certain accented characters when used in the Spotify user name. Oddly, this is something that isn’t even in Spotify’s testing protocol.

We have this in to be resolved in an upcoming update.

Hi Andrew, the problem I had then was that I couldn’t even play Spotify. Since then I have changed my username, now without any special letters and Spotify works fine again. This seems lika another problem even if it’s probably related?

Hmm… I’ll need to look into this a little more closely.

Are you only seeing an issue when you use your account after another family member has used Connect with their account?

Is this behavior consistent or has it only happened once or twice?

I likely won’t be able to dive into this until I’m back to my office at the end of the week.

We’ll get it sorted.

Yes, it happens every time one of my family members have been logged in before me. I can see on the Spotify tab that my son’s username appears, and when I connect Spotify my dCS doesn’t appear. If I restart my dCS and play Spotify, my username appears again and everything works fine. I had no problems with my former Naim-streamer…

I got a brief chance to try this today using two premium accounts as well as a premium and free account. I cannot get it to fail at all. Tried both pausing and then trying to start playback from a different account as well as stealing control of the device between two different accounts. Right now it’s all working as expected.

I’ll dive in a little deeper toward the end of the week, but if you can come up with the exact set of steps that creates the problem for you using your account and your son’s account I’ll see if I can replicate.

Sorry, but I’ve been in contact with Spotify support today and they made some ”minor adjustments” with my family account and now everything seems to work fine again.

We can now switch seamlessly between different user names/family members and between different devices, including my Rossini DAC. :blush::+1:

Sorry for the inconvenience… // Pontus

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Thanks for letting us know!