Spotify Connect Volume

Just started using Spotify Connect and hit two immediate problems. Even though Bartok volume is set to 100% the stream is inaudible at normal listening setting on amp - this is unaffected by Spotify volume normalisation. Also, when opening Spotify app the only Play option appears to be Shuffle and this can only be turned off after play has started. Currently on trial but first impressions are not great.

When Spotify playback starts the unit’s volume control is set to -30dB automatically. This is a requirement from Spotify. If you haven’t already please check the volume setting on your unit when you start Spotify playback. You’ll likely find that it’s been reduced.

The default playback option for most content in Spotify is “Shuffle Playback” and this is the default action for the green play button in the Spotify app. If you want to play an album from start to finish then just tap on the first track in the album to initiate playback.

Thanks Andrew I had realised soon after posting that Spotify reduces play volume but easily resolved in play window of Mosaic app, albeit with a lag after playback has commenced. Your solution for avoiding shuffle play works a treat.
Still disappointing that Spotify casts from the app rather than being a cloud server like Tidal - surely must affect SQ?. Presumably Amazon Music when available will work the same way - probably my favourite so far in terms of content and stream quality v. price.
BTW latest version of Mosaic no longer seems to have problem with JRiver throwing Minimserver off network.

Actually, this isn’t how it works. The app tells the Spotify Connect software module on the Bartok what content to queue and in what order. The Bartok then grabs the content straight from Spotify’s servers. The app is only involved to facilitate browsing and management of the queue. Spotify took this approach so that they could continue to collect all of that juicy user data directly from their app while still providing a playback mechanism that doesn’t rely on casting from the app.

Amazon Music should be a native interface similar to what we’re using for Deezer, Qobuz, and TIDAL. Still waiting on the final details here as Amazon released before they had a solid plan for 3rd-party integrations with their HD service.