Sound quality using IOS vs Android version of Mosaic? on

Tbis should be a simple answer for for dCS gurus like Pete ( PAR) and Greg (PaleRider) but Iwant to make sure my thoughts are correct.

Is tbere any sound quality difference in using the Abdroiid version of Mosaic on a Samsung Galaxy S20 5G compared to an iiPad using the IOS version of Mosaic?

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The mobile device only hosts the remote control software, which sends user input to the network processor running on the DAC/Upsampler itself.

Experts will need to confirm, but I can almost guarantee both the Android and iOS apps send the exact same commands to the exact same interface on the server.

In the pre-software era you could consider this analogous to using two differnet universal remotes.

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Brian , Gibraltar is correct.

Mosaic consists of two parts. There is the software control interface which runs on an Android or iOS device. It does not handle any sound data processing but sends commands to and receives and displays metadata information from the hardware/firmware part in the network player ( Vivaldi Upsampler/Rossini DAC or player/Network Bridge) which is where the music data is processed.

So as the control app does not handle the music data different versions cannot affect sound quality.

In fact you can run an Android version and iOS version simultaneously so long as you do not try conflicting commands. No reason why you should but you can. So if you tell the Android version to play Album A you will see that the display on the iOS version will then also show Album A is playing as both are receiving the same metadata from the network player.


Mosaic Control is nothing more than a remote. All of the browsing activity and processing takes place on the Mosaic Processor inside the dCS device.


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