Songs to test with

I recently saw an interesting article in which the speaker maker Sonus Faber revealed 5 songs they use to test their speakers before release (below). I thought this would be an interesting topic to explore because there would be specific reasons why audio professionals would select particular songs.

When I test new gear, these are the first three songs I play:

Norah Jones, Come away with me (Redbook CD)
Andy Bey, Never let me go (Redbook CD)
Dire Straits, Latest Trick (SACD/DSD)

What are yours?

Thank you @keiserrg for finding this article. I understand that the described approach makes sense for a developer. As a consumer my approach is different. It corresponds with how I use the system.

I’m playing what I listen to at the moment from various genres and with different recording qualities. And whole albums not individual songs. That’s what I will do after the upgrade anyway - listen to whole albums from various genres. This approach works when the difference a potential upgrade makes is large enough. That’s a useful threshold. Keeps me from buying things that are marginal improvements or sidegrades.