Siltech Symphony speaker system

Announced last month, I would love to hear these Wilson Audio competitors together with a dCS source!

I wonder about the characteristics of its treble dispersion with all of those tweeters? There doesn’t seem to have been much attention paid to diffraction either. Plus it looks like it has been made out of flight cases ( yes, I know it hasn’t but it makes , er, an “unusual” aesthetic impact).

Still, interesting to hear.

Pete, you conclude too quickly here.

This incredibly complex five-way design has four woofers, one lower-midrange driver, three upper-midrange drivers, and one beryllium-dome tweeter, as well two diamond-dome tweeters and two ribbon tweeters, which the listener can choose between.

They have been developed using the dCS Vivaldi.

The drivers used are:

Bass woofer - Acoustic Elegance Dipole18
Mid Woofer - Scanspeak Ellipticor mid woofer
Midrange - Scanspeak Illuminator Midrange
Dome Tweeter - Seas Excel T29D001 Tweeter : a 26mm pure Diamond dome tweeter
Ribbon Tweeter - RAAL Lazy Ribbon Tweeter
Dome Tweeter - Bliesma T34A-4 : 34mm Aluminum-Magnesium Alloy Dome Tweeter

Well If the designer doesn’t have the courage of his convictions as to the right tweeter I guess providing a selection is one answer.

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Like there is no right or wrong filter choice on the dCS sources, and dCS did not have the courage of their convictions to provide the right filter.

Did they consider this factor adequately ?

Wife acceptance factor

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Wife acceptance factor , wife approval factor , or wife appeal factor [1] ( WAF ) is an assessment of design elements that either increase or diminish the likelihood a wife will approve the purchase of expensive consumer electronics products such as high-fidelity loudspeakers, home theater systems and personal computers. Stylish, compact forms and appealing colors are commonly considered to have a high WAF.[2] The term is a tongue-in-cheek play on electronics jargon such as “form factor” and “power factor” and derives from the stereotype that men are predisposed to appreciate gadgetry and performance criteria whereas women must be wooed by visual and aesthetic factors.[3]

Isn’t that concept now cancelled as sexist?

Anyway I expect that most women or other partner would be overjoyed to have a pair of these in their llving room, surely?

:grinning: :grinning: :grinning:

These dots are here as the forum software will no longer allow three smileys as a reply:…

Oh dear Lord. Just no. Eye bleed fugly.

Well, my wife and i often listen to music together, enjoying this as an element of our partnership. I like to play my new discoveries, often followed by a discussion about musicians, conductor, interpretation, … simply this is why furnishing, decoration and equipment in our living room must fit together. So, i‘m very lucky my Bartók had and still has a high WAF.

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