Shunyata Power Conditioners, cables, audio switches and music servers

Sorry for covering a lot of things but I need to finalise some equipment before it can be ordered to complete my new system.

Does anyone have any experience of Shunyata power conditioners used in conjunction with DcS equipment? I recently had a demonstration where the dealer used a Shunyata Everest and he swapped the Shunyata power cables for those supplied by DcS. The difference was astounding! Quite how a power cable can make any difference is beyond me but unless there was some sleight of hand going on (there wasn’t!) there certainly was a big difference in sound quality.

He had connected the Vivaldi DAC to a CH Precision L1 preamp using Siltech A680i cables. I foolishly let him swap those for the Siltech Royal Single Crown cables. Again, the difference was staggering, unfortunately for me because the cost of those is considerably more and now I have to make decision.

I have always been sceptical about these things but have since learnt a thing or two. I am also sceptical about audiophile switches. In the latest demo the dealer had installed the Melco S10 which is hugely expensive for a switch. I wasn’t sure I could really tell the difference between that and the S100 which is much cheaper but still very expensive. I have put that on hold until the system is installed and the two can be compared to a decent quality ordinary data switch.

In the system was the Melco N10. Again very expensive but it gets good reviews. However, I am not sure it is significantly, if any, better than the N100 but it was getting late and I may have been suffering from listening to too many permutations by then, so that will also have to revisited when the system is in place and there is more time. I also see the new Melco N1-S38 gets good reviews but I haven’t yet been able to get to see or hear one.

I have been using the Denali v2 together with the Vivaldi DAC and Clock for years, to my complete satisfaction. My Auralic streamer and Passlabs power amplifier are also connected to it. All devices with Alpha v2 power cords. But one of the biggest upgrades has to be my new Shunyata Altaira grounding system. For me, the most underrated upgrade. Not normal what that does while I also expected some improvement but not that much. I have tested with many different grounding cables and those differences are often much bigger than power cables. Believe me or not, I don’t care at all because I know how much I enjoy this upgrade. I connected the Altaira directly to a ground wall outlet and not to the Denali’s ground terminal which they recommend.

I have all my Vivaldi gear plugged into my Shunyata Everest with Shunyata power cords. The Everest in one of those purchases that I never regret.

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I’ve been using the Shunyata Triton v3 and Typhon QR power conditioners for some time and love them. I also have a mix of Shunyata and HFC (High Fidelity Cables) and love them too. The latter company, unfortunately, failed during COVID.

You don’t have to take our word for it, your local Shunyata dealer should be able to arrange a loan of cables etc :slight_smile:

I added Shunyata Everest (with Omega XC power cable to dedicated 20A wall outlet) to my system and experienced a marked improvement w/r to separation, sound stage, articulation, bass clarity, tonal accuracy, etc. My local audio dealer loaned me a device that measures “noise” from an outlet. It displays the amount of noise as a number from 0 to “Max” (1000) and also allows you to “hear” the noise. Plugging the detector into the dedicated wall outlet, the “white” noise was 450. Plugged into any of the sockets of the Everest (with all the other equipment simultaneously plugged into other sockets on the Everest and with all the equipment running) the noise was “0”… yes zero. The Everest actually delivers as advertised. Highly recommended.
Note: I have recently added an Altaira ground system from Shunyata and there is even more improvement with respect to the separation of musicians/instruments, deeper sound stage, absolute silence between notes, etc. I have the cable from the Altaira going to the ground plug of the Everest.

Thanks Craig, and others that have responded about the Everest, that is reassuring as I have had to order two Everests, one for the audio rack in the listening room and the other for the three ATC P4 power amplfiers and subwoofers and surround sound equipment rack behind the screen. The way my room works means we have had to split the two systems which also means 7m cables from the preamp to the power amps, all horribly expensive but worth it I hope! I will wait to let things settle in before considering a trial of the Altaira. Once you are in deep there really is no getting away in this hobby!