Showing (off) your dCS setup - description and photos

Agree great looking room

Who makes the cable risers? Or are they 3d printed?

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Love the room and the arrangement of the set up that you have chosen. Oh dear, jealous again !

G. Fountain. A name of historic significance for audio people.

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Thank you all again for the gracious comments. I have greatly enjoyed scrolling through this thread and viewing so many incredible setups. It’s through threads like these where we are able to get ideas from each other and incorporate them into our system. I know I have benefited a lot from all of your ideas.

The cable risers are 3D printed as you had surmised. The lifts were purchased from a gentlemen named Bill Vuong who posts ads for them on Audiogon. I have ordered the cable lifts on two separate occasions, and he sent them to me quickly.

As a side note, I wanted to express my excitement of owning the dcs Bartok Apex. It has truly been a delight to hear the music again through this well designed dac. The Ayre QB-9 Twenty was no slouch, in my opinion, but the Bartok is clearly better. I guess you can say it’s essentially the same meal I was eating before, but prepared by a better Chef.



Very nicely put!

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Very nice room, congrats :wink:

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What a beautiful space to listen in, wish I had all that space. Great setup as well!


Received the Wilson Alexia V w/Parchment grills (tired of black that’s for sure). Now I’m waiting on 2 things – (1) the dealer to come and place the speakers IAW Wison protocols and then install the Acoustic Diodes and (2) the arrival of the VAC Statement preamp which I’ve had on order for 13 weeks (it should be near finished and inhouse in another 3 weeks - max – or so I hope anyways).

Sounds mighty fine especially since I had Alexia 1’s and went to the V speakers – Wilson Audio has made approximately 35 improvements between them. Can’t wait to have the speakers properly placed/setup/diodes installed – in the meantime, just putting hours on them.

Best to all,


									As of 07/01/2024

VAC 450iQ Mono Amps
VAC Master Preamplifier w/Gold Lion 6922 Gold Pins Presently FOR SALE
VAC Statement Preamplifier (pending another 2-3+ weeks in build stage)
VAC Renaissance Special Edition Phono Preamplifier w/6 Gold Lion 12AX7 Gold Pins & XLR Outputs
SME 20/2 Turntable w/SME Series V Tone Arm & Sumiko Palo Santos Presentation Cartridge
Akai GX-400D Reel-to-Reel w/relapped heads by JFR Magnetic Sciences, Akai RC-17 cabled remote (Original Owner since 1974)
dCS Rossini Transport
dCS Vivaldi APEX DAC
dCS Vivaldi Upsampler Plus (+)
dCS Vivaldi Clock
Wilson Alexia V speakers (not yet on Wilson Acoustic Diodes).
Borresen X2 Floor Standers (For sale) were Temporary speakers until Wilson Alexia V arrived)
2 Furutech GTX-D NCF ® 20A Duplex Outlets/plate/cover on 2 Dedicated 20A runs on same phase in power panel.
Ansuz Mainz C3 Power Distributor
Ansuz Mainz C2 1M power cable to the Furutech wall outlet
2 HRS M3X2-1921 Isolation shelves with G7 Footers/G-Links & Sound Anchors Conecoasters
1 HRS M3X2-1921 Isolation Shelf (for TT)
4 HRS DPX-14545 Damping Plates
3 Ansuz Mainz T2 Footers
1 Ansuz Mainz T2 Adjustable Footer
Nordost Odin 2 2M Supreme Reference 2M speaker cables resting on 4 Sort Lifts
1 Nordost Odin 2 Power Cable 1.25M
7 Nordost Odin 1 Supreme Reference Power Cables, 1.25M
1 Nordost Tyr 2 Power Cable, 1.25M
1 Nordost Heimdall 2 Power Cable, 1.25M
2 Nordost Odin 2 XLR/XLR, 1.25M
2 Nordost Odin 1 XLR/XLR, 2M
5 Nordost Valhalla 1 Digital BNC/BNC 75-ohm Clock Cables, 1.25M
2 Nordost Odin 2 digital AES/EBU Cables, 110 ohm 1.25M
1 Nordost Odin 2 Tone Arm Cable 1.25M
1 WireWorld Platinum Starlight 8 Ethernet Cable, 2M
Audio Desk PRO Record Cleaning Machine
ENM hour Meter (hand built & records hours & tenths of audio play time - runs off VAC Preamplifier 12v trigger)
Tube Test sets: Maximatcher 2 Power Tube tester, Maximatcher preamp 2 tester, Heathkit TT-1, Space-Tech Labs ATT-3.02 tube tester.


Fantastic set up, Robert.

I’m surprised by this, because when my dealer installed my Alexia V’s, he also brought the Acoustic Diodes.

I thought that every Wilson dealer routinely undertakes the installation and ‘WASP’

How come that wasn’t the case for you?

Wilson Audio ships the speakers to the client (unless there are special arrangements in which the client wants the speakers shipped to the dealer).

In my case, my 20+ year dealer is 900 miles away. The speakers were shipped to me in May and had sat in my garage waiting on him and then it was recommended that I have the VAC Statement preamp in place before placing the speakers. So, the VAC Statement kept getting pushed back (availability of parts we suffer with post-COVID). Currently, the preamp is still a few weeks away from completion and the dealer has obligations overseas which he’ll be attending for nearly a month. So, in all likelihood, I’ll have the VAC Statement preamp in mid-July (I hope) & the dealer will show up after his trip which puts it early August.

BTW – the diodes are in the crate with the Wilson Alexia heads - I could put them on but that’s premature since the speakers will in all likelihood be situated by a few inches or maybe less than where the Alexia 1’s were – can’t move the speakers with diodes on – they’d have to come off and that’s double work besides being a PITA.

Best Sir,


Beautiful system! Also look at a pair of LoKe subwoofers. That’s what I use with my Alexia Vs and it works wonderfully. It also allows you to match the paint which is great for aesthetics.

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Oh, I see. I assume that’s usual practice in the USA, but I’m not based there…
hence my experience was different.

Wow, not exactly ‘next door’!
Presumably, there’s a good reason for you to remain with that dealer for so long…

That must be very frustrating for you!



Hopefully, you’ll get everything in place before too much longer…
Good luck :crossed_fingers:


Understandable, as each loudspeaker weighs 120kg! (uncrated).

I’d never thought about adding subwoofers to Alexias. Did you add one or two? And might I ask what type of music do you listen to/where did you really hear difference?



You always add two. You hear the difference on all music as it helps the low level information and soundstage recreation.


What an incredible setup and can only say…….WAUW.

What color are the Vs? Topaz, Quartz?

Same as my 1’s were – which were/are now a $2K upcharge – Ferrari Argento Silver w/parchment grills.

Best Sir,



Very nice!

Thank you, Sir – can’t wait for everything to snap into place with the VAC Statement preamp and proper WASP placement/install of diodes when the dealer makes his visit in early August. In the meantime, gives me time to remove the Fisk and get some hours on these puppies.


Honcho, I toured the older factory for VAC in Sarasota a few years ago. Production quality is superb. Big fan of Kevin Hayes and his designs. Let us know how it sounds! And share photos!

Definitely a fan of Kevins for a long, long time. Had bits and pieces but never a full set (amps/pre/phono). I visited his Sarasota operation in November 2023 in its’ relocated location on 10th street & his techs are first rate. Super clean & organized. Of course, everything is made to order – thus my current 14 week wait for the Statement preamp (post Covid availability of parts doesn’t help). Spoke to him today; am to call back Monday (07/15/24) - may be ready or may not – still waiting on one critical “marrying” of a part. Then a day for him to voice it & allow 2-3 days shipping this 120 pound puppy on a pallet.
Will definitely have photos and initial impressions. On pins n’ needles.

Best Sir,