Showing (off) your dCS setup - description and photos

Way cool Franco :smile:.

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Very cool! What CD player is that on top?

Thanks so much Pete!

DCS Rossini Transport (CD/SACD)

What is it like to not have debilitating OCD?

You tell me! :slight_smile:

Absolutely love the thought of the combination of Audio Research with dCS. Top draw all of it !!!

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Thanks Ben. I love the combo. IMO, Wilson speakers are also a great complement to ARC amps.

My UK based HIFI retailer suggests I need to listen to a demo of Wilsons. I am still resisting as I have had nothing but electrostatics (Martin Logan) for so many years now. In the past I have owned a number of ARC preamps which I still have a soft spot for (Im now going down the Chord Electronics routefor amplification).

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Brian, I would recommend that you audition Wilson+ARC+dCS. It’s a great combo IMO.

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I’ve owned 3 sets of Wilson Audio speakers: Sabrina, Sasha DAW, now Alexx V. I have loved all of them.

My current setup includes dCS Vivaldi DAC, dCS Vivaldi Upsampler, Classé CA-2300 and TransparentCable Reference PowerIsolator, in addition to the Alexx Vs.


Top James! What is the black box at the top right?

It’s a Windows 10 Pro x64 computer, running Roon as a music server. I had the computer built by a semi-local outfit (EndPCNoise, in Vancouver, Washington State (not British Columbia)) with no moving parts: Passively cooled, SSDs for storage. I’ve been entirely satisfied with it.

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Thanks. Did you deliberately not get a Vivaldi Clock?

Purely a financial consideration: I bought the AlexxVs and the Vivaldi components more or less at the same time, so I was tapped out for this year. I hope to get the Clock next year.

2022 will be a cheap year for you :grinning:


As it were.

Great system James. Congratulations! Only, I would add the Clock soon!

Would love a pair of Alexx V. Unfortunately I own Alibaba stock so I’m stuck with PSB Alphas until I have to pawn them to fund my next margin call.

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Wish I knew… you have a great system but… looking at this picture fills me with dread. I just keep trying… to… push the top AR box to the left so it aligns with the box below it.