Set-up and tweakery

There are thousands of posts on the Naim forum concerning optimisation: racks, interconnects, powerstrips, routers - it’s gone a bit crazy recently on ethernet cables

I hope this community doesn’t go down the same route, I have no inclination to try fifteen different cables nor read religious debates :slight_smile: … but I am interested whether folks here follow a few basic rules with a similar set-up?

I run a Bartok into ATC 19As, TIDAL, NAS, Audirvana, Google Wifi


100% agreement. Let’s have some sense and reason here… the naim thread which is now close to 4K posts all about network cables and switches… good grief!

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Yes, these things do make a difference as most people who have tried rather than having simply indulged in thought experiments will confirm.

The problem is that there are few, if any, indisputable factors to provide guidance as to what to select. Each of us also have our own individual hearing sensitivities or preferences.

I have indulged in a couple of recommendations for cables on this forum but mainly as a counterbalance to what I sometimes regard as excessive and seemingly unjustifiable pricing by certain cable suppliers.

So my advice is not to simply reject claims about the efficacy of paying attention to racks, interconnects, power strips etc. and to experiment to find your own preferred combination. However try not to spend money on the experiment unless the sum is small enough to be disregarded should it result in failure ( unless you have a SoR arrangement).