Server/Streamer with the Rossini

Since my introduction to PC audio in 2006, I’ve only used a PC (laptop/mac-mini(s) and presently, a home-made Windows 10, HTPC with a Roon core) as a media server. The HTPC is upstairs and my Rossini is in the basement.

Since the introduction of purpose-built audio servers, I wondered how much – if any – audio benefit, a server like, for example, an Aurender or Baetis Audio, vs a PC would provide; especially now that I own a Rossini? That is, I wonder how good a job of electrical noise cancellation the Rossini’s Ethernet input and processing does, vs perhaps other DAC’s with Ethernet, or even USB inputs, assuming that’s what makes a purpose-built audio server better than a PC?

One of the reasons I purchased the Rossini was for its Ethernet input. Using Ethernet, I dispensed with USB devices like the Sonore micro rendu and have had nothing but a trouble-free, robust connection 100% of the time.

An ancillary question is: I heard and read that inserting a fiber optic cable into the mix, may ameliorate some sort(s) of electrical noise. With the Rossini, I wonder if anyone has found that sort of isolation (copper-to-fiber-to-copper) to be of any benefit?

This topic has been discussed frequently on this forum and there are numerous helpful threads, many from folks with very high end systems.

Last year I finally made the full transition to digital myself, had a service burn everything to AIFF, sold my Puccini (no Ethernet, alas!) and now run a very simple system:

Roon Nucleus → Ethernet
DAC → Ethernet
DAC → Integrated Amp
Amp → Speakers.

I’m one of those old souls who doesn’t like change and so I still have the original Sonus Faber Guarneris.

I like the simplicity of the Roon box, the fact that it has no moving parts, and all you need is one Ethernet cable.

Many folks claim audio benefits from higher end servers like Aurender but I have no experience with them (and since all the bits make it to the Ring DAC for further processing, I don’t understand why this would be so…)


Yes, it’s true, the Rossini’s Ethernet input allows for excellent sound quality. The little ROON Nucleus does an excellent job, but to go further the Antipodes K40 (now K41) which is optimized for ethernet output is sublime. The K40 allows you to get this analog sound so difficult to obtain with “streaming”.

When it comes to Ethernet signal isolation and noise reduction, it’s a complex subject. In my case, after several tries, I consider three aspects to be very important. 1) Use of high quality LPS (ex: Farad Super3) and DC cables (ex: Audio Sensibility) for modem, router and switches, 2) vibration control (ex: platform & rollerblocks from Symposium Acoustics ) on the modem, router and switches, and 3) an excellent noise filtering system (eg Network Acoustics ENO or MUON filters). Without forgetting one or more good quality switches. In my case I use two SOtM switches in series.

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Looking at the cost involved, this is the best place to start. Yes, I use it and it benefits.

Thanks guys. I find it beneficial to hear about others experiences and setups relative to dCS gear, especially the Rossini’s Ethernet input.

go to you tube and type in-The Hans Beekhuyzen Channel-- search all his stuff for ethernet, noise switches etc. He is a wealth of knowledge and tests EVERYTHING.