Seeking help to optimise SQ

I am using an I-O Data Soundgenic to store my music files. I have the Bartok connected to the router using the Main 10/100/1000 port and the Soundgenic connected to the Loop port of the Bartok. I am using an integrated amp. The followings are my questions:

  1. is the way I am connecting the Soundgenic directly to the Bartok preferred or it is better to connect it to one of the LAN ports of the router (the Bartok manual seems to suggest connecting the storage device to the router).
  2. the Bartok Line level is set at 2v. If I wanted to increase the volume, is it better to adjust the Bartok volume or the integrated amp volume?
    Thanks for any input.


  1. We pretty much always advise against using the LOOP port. It has some drawbacks in so much as it is only a 100mb/s port, so if you are doing any large data tasks such as coping content onto your Soundgenic, it may take longer than on the MAIN port via your router.
    In any case, having the NAS connected to the router or to the unit will sound the same provided it works properly. That being said, using 100mb/s network equipment with flow control can cause some odd behaviour, resulting in playback issues such as dropouts.
    Stick with the Soundgenic into the router!

  2. My advice would be if you aren’t running the Bartok at 0.0dB already, given that it is going to an integrated amp it is worth setting it to 0.0dB and using the volume control on the amp.
    If you find that it is still too low a level, you can always bump up the Line Level setting on the Bartok to 6V to give you some more power through the system.