Schnerzinger? Any one out there using it?

Hi folks,
anyone using Schnerzinger’s Grid Protector or LAN stuff? Their marketing is voodoo but some dealers I respect swear by the stuff!

I’ve been tempted, but their poor sales distribution channels (internationally at least) is a major put off.

Understood Anup- for me is service and local sales very important as well.

Well I definitely have website envy…

the website is full of voodoo…atomic bondig blibla…BUT if some trusted dealers say forget that, just listen! then I’m very curious…

I didn’t know how much was being lost in translation to English or whether it’s the same voodoo in German… a lot of work has gone into the website aesthetics but we need someone to take one for the team and see/hear if it’s all marketing and no substance.

The dCS forum team is behind you :wink: Tell us when you tested this stuff :slight_smile:

Chris, I checked their prices (usually, they don’t show a tag…) I guess their stuff is out of my scope :wink:

Had a chat with my dealer today, try to get the LAN Grid for testing, but it takes some time…

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