Scary noises on Peachtree Nova 150

I bought a Peachtree Audio Nova 150 to use as a second system with my Bartok. Initial results were really good and then one morning a series of loud cracks ripped through my speakers. I assumed that there was a serious fault with the Peachtree and contacted Audiologica, the supplying company. They were really good and got me to change interconnects which seemed to solve the problem. Regrettably the problem re-ocurred a few days later. Trying a different analogue input source proved that it was only when using the Bartok that the cracking noise appeared. Eventually it was proved that the Bartok output at 6v produced the cracking noise. Swtching to 2v solved the problem completely. Knowing nothing about electronics meant I was keen to send the Peachtree back immediately to the dealer. His insistence on working through a series of possibilities spared my blushes!!

John, totally understandable.

If you’re interested, the Peachtree’s product specification reveals this compatibility fix; the parameter under the heading AUX Inputs; “Maximum Voltage (rms | peak-to-peak}”, with a value of 3Vrms /10Vpp, the Bartok’s 6Vrms configuration would overwhelm that AUX input, so, 2Vrms is the right setting. :+1:t2:

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Thanks for that.