Scarlatti one piece then what should be next? Budget considerations

I’m building out a Scarlatti system one component at a time, using used prices vs. values as a starting point.

First up is the word clock. I use it as a d/d converter starting with USB in from a Mac using a quality USB cable (Pranawire photon); Spdif out to an Aqua La Voce S3 DAC and then analog out to a Jadis integrated.

I now have a chance to add a Scarlatti upsampler and, as known, it, too, has a USB input. I only stream from Qobuz. No digital sources such as a transport.

Should I even get the upsampler, and, if so, should I use the usb input on the word clock or on the sampler? Are they the same resolution in?

Of course, a DAC (the more expensive piece) will be later. I will not be adding a transport.

Any help is appreciated. Thanks in advance.

As far as I recall the USB input on the Upsampler is pretty basic in terms of format handling compared to the one that appeared later on the wordclock ( the Upsampler one is limited to 24/96 KS/s with no DoP etc. though the latter is irrelevant if you only stream from Qobuz). So use the USB wordclock input in preference. However although the Aqua supports data to 24/192 via USB there are comparatively few files available on Qobuz that exceed 24/96 resolution so the relevance of this is moot anyway.

It is up to you if you want to upsample or not ( I don’t but am unusual in this respect). If it was me the DAC would be my preference in order of choice of purchase within a Scarlatti system. However I am unable to offer any opinion or comparison to your Aqua La Voce.


Some time ago, before I bought a Vivaldi DAC, I had the chance to compare an Acqua la Voce with a Rossini…The Acqua was better, eventually I bought the Vivaldi, which is better than the Acqua…

Is this not a typo? Perhaps a Aqua Formula? La Voce starter dac from Aqua, I listened it (mk1), it ain’t even near Debussy (to my ear)

No typo.

I wanted the Rossini to be better because I wanted to buy a dCS dac…but it wasn’t…to my hear…never mind the Vivaldi was better :laughing:

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someone can save a lot of money))

Or spend much more…