Scarlatti clock with Debussy DAC

Finally have a Debussy DAC to go with my Scarlatti word clock.

Here’s how I set up my system and had the best result before the Debussy.

Roon USB-A output to USB-B input on the Scarlatti word clock

Let the Scarlatti word clock handle the d/d conversion and s/pdif out to a variety of DACs.

Now with the Debussy, should I use the Scarlatti word clock as a d/d at all or should I continue to use it and go digital out to the Debussy digital in. Should I use the Scarlatti word clock or the Debussy word clock. I’m hoping for feedback so I know if I should still keep the Scarlatti word clock not that I have the Debussy DAC. BTW, the Scarlatti word clock as a d/d converter has bested every USB DAC I have tried when I go directly into the DAC with USB. Thoughts?

It’s been a long time since I sold off my Scarlatti stack, the Upsampler typically did the USB conversion, I don’t recall ever using the Clock to do it, but I’m certain it’s fair competent.

Since you have the Scarlatti and the Debussy, why not try both ways and just pick the one you prefer?

A Scarlatti upsampler available here, should you be so inclined.

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The original Scarlatti and Paganini components had the USB input situated on the upsampler. However dCS subsequently added a USB input to the wordclock. This was an advance on the one situated on the upsampler by offering DoP .

I have checked the Debussy V.2 user manual and this does not mention DoP. So from what I can see @Thrust should at least use the input on the wordclock if he has any DoP sources.I do not know the full history of Debussy and otherwise your advice for him to try both and choose a preference makes sense. BTW, I had experience of both choices with Paganini and always used the wordclock USB input once it became available.

Pete, it seems DoP support on the Debussy made an appearance in firmware v2.1 (Jan’2013), a year after dCS put out their DoP proposed-standard document.

Thanks. I just checked and dCS have posted a more up to date user guide since I downloaded the copy I have. I should have double checked. So it really is now a question of which the OP prefers ( if either).

Thank you for those who have commented so far. I will continue to use the Scarlatti word clock for USB in and then s/pdif over to the Debussy DAC. I will try the Scarlatti word clock and advise.

After upgrading the firmware to 2.30, I’m running the Roon to the Scarlatti word clock. I’m connecting spdif out to the Debussy. I’m using the Scarlatti word clock into the Debussy. I will test roon usb to the Debussy directly this upcoming week. I also need to test the Debussy as a pre-amp to the monoblocks.