Rumours of new products

A few months back, Chris, of Audiophilestyle, hosted a podcast with the dCS crew and they offered a tease about new products coming out this year so was wondering if anyone has any news, gossip or silly rumours to share. Just wondering. Cheers to All.

Link to podcast:

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We are all waiting for the announcements, fingers crossed. Maybe a dCS Easter present is coming :grinning:

bartok clock…external hard drive based server…amplifier…refresh/replace Vivaldi…who knows!

Today is April Fools’ Day, so I hope no announcements today.

Last we heard is, that a mobile kit is coming, as well as a modular system, and a headamp. :innocent:

I have hard confirmation on RingDAC for wireless sync with Apple CarPlay.

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:rofl: ha ha ha

Yes. In for two. One for each car, so I can have stereo.