Ruminations of a Rossini Owner & Network Bridge Question

When considering a Clock for my Rossini and then the Apex upgrade, the extra ~$20k involved, would essentially purchase a Vivaldi Apex, or a darn good flagship DAC from a company other than dCS. Thus, I’m asking myself what could I do with the $20k, plus my Rossini? What other DAC’s, including the Vivaldi, could be purchased for that sort of outlay?

So, why shouldn’t I take the ~$20K difference and procure a Vivaldi (or something outside the dCS ecosystem)? Well, because the Vivaldi’s input is apparently important. Now, that dCS’s Network Bridge is no longer available and only the much more costly $25k bridge/upsampler is, the Vivaldi question is more moot than not. If I were a cynic, I may think that dCS quashed the Network Bridge to keep those like myself from contemplating an upgrade from a Rossini to a Vivaldi, but I digress. Buying a $25k device that alone, is the price of a pretty great DAC and all it does is provide a network connection and upsamples, for me and my wallet, just seems wrong. Oh, I could rationalize it. But I’m asking myself, why should I do so?

For me, I suppose, I’m just not the prototypical dCS owner. Paying Tesla Model S prices (north of $90k not including cables) for several boxes in the ever changing digital world, is just not something I can rationalize. By the same token, paying ~$36k for a DAC is not something that many, if most, could either afford, let alone rationalize. And not owning a flagship DAC for $46k, without opting for all the add-on (bells and whistles), doesn’t fit dCS’s marketing paradigm. Because another $45.5k must be spent for ancillary hardware, to achieve supposed greatness.

Whatever the Vivaldi has, that the Rossini doesn’t, is a question that is more moot than otherwise. Whatever the differences are, some say that the Vivaldi is appreciably better than the Rossini. But then is that with $25,000 bridge/upsampler &/or the $19,500 clock, neither or both? This suggests why should I consider upgrading a Rossini for ~$20k, rather than choosing the better Vivaldi? But it is not that simple, is it?

So, is the Vivaldi by itself better than the Rossini? Who knows? By design, the 2-devices are not comparable. One is network connectable and natively up-samples and the other doesn’t, without doubling the initial monetary outlay from $46k to $91k. A great marketing and business plan for dCS, but one which gives a customer like myself great pause. If the Vivaldi is better software, hardware wise, than the Rossini, then network and upsampling capability could be added to it (like the Rossini has) and a more cost-effective upgrade option could be available without foregoing the purchase of a BMW to get there. Sorta’ like buying an individual pre-amp & amp verses an integrated amp. I don’t see that happening however – e.g., having a Vivaldi lite as it were (or is that the Rossini)?

For me, as a stop gap measure in my ruminating process, this then begs the question, has anyone found a network bridge that could drive the Vivaldi as well as dCS’s upsampler, at a less than atmospheric $25k cost? Are there options like EMM Lab’s NS1 network bridge for example and has anyone had good luck comparing these bridges with the Vivaldi, against the Rossini & its internal bridge?


I already wrote about it somewhere on this forum, but I will sum up as short as I can, even though for you it might seem brutal :laughing:

Let’s start this way…you are absolutely right, adding 20k to the Rossini is not a good idea ! Now the brutal statement comes…because you can find much better dac cheaper :scream:

I compared an Acqua Accoustic dac (4500€) to a Rossini…I would never buy the Rossini…but now enters the Vivaldi, it is so much better than anything I heard before and since…Initially I connected it to NBridge because it was too much money buying the dac and the upsampler…two years later I gave the NB to my son and eventually bought the upsampler before the 5k price increase :sweat_smile:

My advice…keep what you have and enjoy without ruminating as you say…or sell it, add 20k and go for a Vivaldi + upsampler…in 4 years or so you may add the clock…but believe me you can do without it…


Chris K, It is good to hear your opinion of the Vivaldi, especially as compared to the Rossini. It is irrelevant whether it is what I wanted to hear or not. There are many ways and methods to achieve great audio reproduction in our rooms. I enjoy reading about how everyone has accomplished what they consider the best methods and results for them. Thanks for the input!

To add to my reply: in addition to our differing ages and hearing acuities, we all have our own sonic preferences. When these variables are added to our rooms and our other equipment choices, it is no wonder differing conclusions about the same piece of equipment result. For example, I have panel type speakers. Because they are considered line sources and they are dipolar, they radiate equally from the rear, as from the front. Thus, they are quite a bit different than more conventional cones and domes. Hence, my take on a DAC’s performance relative to soundstage and imaging, could be different from others with different speakers etc.

Nevertheless, everyone’s perspective is interesting and adds another data point to the topic and discussion. As such, the dCS forum with a welcoming colegial atmosphere, has been a great venue for conversing and sharing,

Chris, thanks for a clear opinion on Vivaldi vs Rossini. Surely it is ur perspective in ur context of remaining system, room, the type of music u listen.But, still it is another data point. And it now makes me think twice about my recent decision.

I just ordered Rossini Apex Dac and Rossini transport. I already have great streamer Naim NDX-2. And I really don’t care about upsampling that much (though many have mentioned here that dCS is famous for its up sampling; but I could not anyway tell how is it adding value or otherwise as in Rossini u cannot escape it).

So wondering whether it is better option to move to Vivaldi apex dac now by paying 14k more.

Any thoughts ?