RS232 connection between Clock / DAC

So based on the owners manual, the only reason to connect the RS232 9-pin between he Rossini DAC and Clock seems to be to allow the both to sleep with the push of one button… right? So if in effect, you plan to just let the clock run in perpetuity, is there any reason to connect these cables? Is there any other benefit, of any kind to the connection that’s maybe not mentioned in the manual?

No :smile:

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9 pins and that’s it!!! ?? :joy:

I wonder if dCS has the ability to maybe use this for software updates or other features down the road for the Rossini or is it hardwired to just talk to the power supply?

The RS232 interface is used by dCS during automated production testing, in binary mode. In text mode it can be used with household automation systems. And it is used between DAC and clock to be powered on or off together.

From the manual: