Rossini with a Vivaldi Clock

I’m the new owner of a Rossini Player which normally pairs with the Rossini Clock.
But has anyone tried the Rossini with a Vivaldi Clock ??
Would there be much of an audio improvement and might it be worth the additional cost ??
Thanks all.

Congrats with becoming the owner of a Rossini!

When I bought my Rossini some time ago I came from a setup with a Scarlatti clock. When I compared that clock to the Rossini clock I preferred the Scarlatti. Not by a big margin but it was clear enough for me to decided that I would not buy the Rossini clock. The difference was much smaller than the with/without clock comparison.

Since the Scarlatti clock can only output one frequency at a time, it is not the perfect match for the Rossini (and it looks a bit messy design wise as wel;).
I decided to save up for a Vivaldi clock, expecting it would be at least on par with the Scarlatti.
Then the luring perspective of a Vivaldi One came up and I started to doubt again…, choices, choices!

But now I’m decided: the Vivaldi One is beyond my pain threshold price wise. So I’ve ordered my Apex upgrade and a Vivaldi clock now😎


Thanks for the reply Albert. Please let us know your experience with the Vivaldi clock. Hopefully it will be a step on the way to the performance of the Vivaldi One.

Count me in the group of people who think clocking can make as much or more difference than the DAC in some cases:


I had a scarlatti clock with my Puccini and than with my Rossini. Than i changed my scarlatti with a vivaldi clock. It was a great step further in musicality, widget image and more detailed. Advantage , you can add a 10mhz clock that will bring you in another universe.

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Have a look (again) inside the various dCS clocks:

The Rossini Clock is a few posts up from here.

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Well the dCS clocks are certainly different but the question is what sound improvement could be expected by partnering the Rossini with a Vivaldi clock ?? Better resolution ? Wider soundstage ? More emotional connection with the music ? Or is the improvement over the Rossini clock so marginal that the extra expenditure would not be worth it ? Our response to music is of course subjective but differing opinions would be interesting to hear to see if there is a consensus.

I think I answer to your question. Rossini is like thé U clock, that I had before scarlatti… no comparison…

Sorry to jump onto this thread. I just borrowed a rossini clock for my rossini player. I actually struggle to hear a difference but somehow with the clock, the music is just more addictive. Maybe the clock made the sound more analogue sounding.

Whats the general experience with and without the clock?