Rossini + Verdi = ❓

Same CD in the Rossini Transport (connected to Rossini Player DAC) sounds better (with quite a margin) then that CD being played in a Rossini Player DAC.

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For all inputs you can choose what clock is used. The default for SPDIF is Audio - clock recovered from the SPDIF signal. But in all cases you can override this and have the clock be the internal DAC clock - in which case it will reclock (albeit you run the risk of a dropout) or the external wordclock if you have an external clock. The way you select this per input is you choose the clock mode while the input is selected. The DAC will remember your choices per input.

In another post it was clarified by either Andrew or @Phil or. @James that u can override spdif source’s clock, but that may cause issues like frequent pops/clicks etc. So for all practical purpose it is not usable solution.

This solution will only work if the spdif source supports external clocks. And that is not the case for majority of such sources.


That’s the exact reason I could not help but invest in Rossini Transport.

And honestly last 6 months (from the day I got the Rossini Transport and Rossini Apex Dac delivered) every single day I just listen to the Rossini Transport as source. All other sources sound pretty inferior.


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Related question: I would love to buy the Rossini transport, but since I just bought the Rossini player/DAC, my audio wallet is begging me for a timeout. I have an opportunity to buy a P8i. My question: take a well-known hybrid SACD like Charles Munch conducting Debussy’s La Mer (RCA).
A) DSD in the P8i
B) Redbook in the Rossini Player/DAC

Which will sound better?

I know what I think, but I’m very curious re peoples’ opinions.

I have yet to see any convincing reason why this would be the case.

Just by listening I would say, I was amazed by the difference when my dealer had a Rossini transport set up next to his Rossini player.

dCS:. “In our products the very last buffer is slaved to the DAC’s clock and it is the source that the DAC sees. Everything that happens prior to this point is irrelevant in terms of audio reproduction. Until it’s in the final buffer it’s just data.”

Maybe expectation bias?

Sure whatever floats your boat, have you listened to both in the same system or does everything sound the same to you ?

Miguel, I notice that you deleted your post, but here’s a review of the P8i:

Thank you. I did because I found exactly the article you posted above.

My 2c: Unclear which would sound better but do keep in mind DAC technology has evolved. Also, frankly, even if it sounded a little better on the P8i, would you really bother with this given you’d only be using it for SACDs really and would require a set of interconnects, etc etc etc.?

No need! My own expectation bias will tell me they are the same ; )

Yes, in fact, everything does sound the same to me, that’s why I bought the Rossini!

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U r blessed !!!

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Blessed and narrow minded.