Rossini settings have i got them right?

Hi all and hope this doesn’t come over as me being stupid, but having looked at the manual many times, i was hoping that someone could give an idiots guide to what settings i should be using, or atleast make sure i am not got it set wrong, I have the clock as well and again would be great to be sure i have it right.
So far i have
Upsampling to DSD×2
Filtr F1
DSD filter F5
Mapper 1
Output 2v

Auto wordclock
Dual aes on
Usb class1
Buffer on

On the clock i have dither 1 and 2 off

I know a few bits but a brief description off what each does etc would be great, i have tried different filters etc and i like the F5, but others i couldn’t really tell any difference and that got me thinking have i got it all right.

Also just for reference i have the player version and use that along with my melco that has all my CDs ripped on it, plus different format stuff like aif,flac, m4a and wav, also 16 & 24 bit.

Cheers dunc

It depends on where your stream to Rossini originates. I see you have the Melco server, and you mention the player version. Are you feeding signal over network or USB or another input? If USB, I would set to USB Class 2 [p.16 of manual]. Further, some of those settings you need to play with by ear, e.g., the Mapper, the upsampling setting, and the filters. There are a number of recommendations here on where to start and what other people like, but those are personal decisions. At p. 35 of the Manual, you will see some helpful but brief descriptions of the filters. Here is what my dealer recommended when they shipped me the Vivaldi:

I suggest starting with Filter 3 for your PCM settings, after it has all settled in somewhat you will likely want to compare Filter 1 and see which you prefer generally. You will need to set the filter by playing 16/44.1 content and then again playing a 24/192 file (it retains 2 settings independently allowing for standard res and high res to be different settings).

The DXD upsampling option is a good place to start for the output from the Upsampler. DSD or 2xDSD are the other options to consider.

I would generally suggest setting the DAC for the 6v output setting. In some gear combinations the 2V output is favorable (in particular some preamps do favor this setting), generally in situations where the 6V sounds great and even really high output signals don’t exhibit any overloading (either actual distortion on peaks or a little compression on the same) the 6V will be the pick. There are also options of 0.2V and 0.6V, I don’t think there is any situation in which you are likely to use these.

FWIW, I run Vivaldi DAC at 2V because that is better with the room correction processor supplied with my speakers. And when my Clock arrives next week, I intend to run with Dither on.

Thank you for your reply, i use the network connection from the melco.
I did at first use the 6 v output into my naim 552 pre amp, but it was quite a bit louder than the phone in put, plus i wasn’t sure if the naim would be happy with 6v going into it.
I have played with the filters since i got it and to be honest only just realised today that the 2 sets off filters are for different formats lol, thats why i couldn’t tell the difference.

The dither on the clock, that is one that i cant tell any difference if its on, or off or if both or just one is on. Plus i am not sure what its ment to do.

I found an intriguing explanation somewhere of the dither function. I do not actually know if it is technically correct, but it seemed to make sense. Let me see if I can find it again.

Cheers, look forward to it, if you find it

Check here.

There was a discussion on the Clock Dither function here at the dCS.Community where dCS explained it; Rossini Clock, dither switch on or off, what sounds the best, is there a difference?

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Even better. Thanks @Anupc.

Cheers guys

Been playing today and decided after quite a bit off trial and error, that i prefer the output at 6v rather than 2v. Its hard to judge them as the volume needs to be adjusted all the time, but i think the 6v output does sound a bit more dynamic or it could be just my imagination?
Plus i understand the filters and mapping much better know, that i have actually sat down and had a proper read off the instructions, which i didn’t do if being honest before as just went with what i was told to use by the dealer.

Cheers all and keep on enjoying your music in these strange times