Rossini player, quality of the CD player

If any of u compared the built in CD player into the Rossini player to some other good stand alone CD players Plz share your thoughts!
I have the Rossini player, but that’s my 1st CD player, Before that used only network streaming.

I’m surprised that as yet nobody has picked up on this so I will attempt to put your mind at rest without perhaps directly answering your question.

A CD player has three basic components , an optical drive, a processing system and and analogue output stage.

You already know what the processing system and analogue output stage are like compared to other components as you are listening to it every time and , I assume, that you must have liked it to buy the Rossini Player in the first place. All of this is original dCS design. As you should already know dCS are amongst the finest digital ( and analogue) engineers that exist.

So that leaves the optical drive in question . dCS do not make this and it is sourced from an OEM supplier. The one chosen for the Rossini player is one of the few true CD replay mechanisms in production. It is the Stream Unlimited Blue Tiger drive and loader from Austria. You will find it appearing in many of the newer high end CD players currently on the market as it is now perhaps the only real dedicated CD transport that meets with the highest standards and which is also available as an OEM product. I do not include the D&M CD and SACD mechanism as used in the Rossini Transport in this as it is not dedicated only to CD.

So you may correctly deduce that the CD player is very fine indeed in its own right. Are there better? Well dCS’ Vivaldi transport and accompanying processors is certainly better ( yes, I have compared a Rossini Player and Vivaldi transport/DAC/clock), but you may notice that there is a small increment in price to be met :wink:.

I use my Rossini Player frequently as a cd-player. Before I had an Accustic Arts transport-(tube) dac combo. The Rossini is in my ears a great performer when it comes to cd-playback. I already compared the same album on cd versus Tidal, and CD outperforms.

I got my Rossini Player to use as a CD player that just happens to be a DAC as well.

The Rossini Player blew away my former reference, my Wadia S7i (though only when the Rossini Clock is used; without it, it fell short of the sound quality of the Wadia.)

I looked around, and for the cost of a CD transport matching the quality of the Rossini DAC and a Rossini DAC as well as appropriate connecting cables, the Rossini Player was the better buy.