Rossini Lead Time

I ordered a new Rossini May, 2019. Has anyone recently ordered one? If so, how long did it take for your new Rossini to arrive?

Hi @2Maybe4,

First off, thank you for ordering a Rossini. We’re sure you are going to love it!

Our current lead time on all products is approximately 8 weeks from the date we receive the order. Based on your order date you should be enjoying your Rossini very soon.

Hi Andrew - I was quoted 12 weeks for my Bartok when I ordered it a month ago, the dealer checked with Absolute Sounds recently and was told it’s still 12 weeks.

Thanks Andrew,

I’m using the new Rossini while composing this.

Out-of-the-box it is very good as compared to my former DAC in the Rossini’s price range. Plus, it’s a joy to NO longer need an outboard endpoint/streamer. My dealer plugged in my CAT8 cable and off we went. Previously, between listening sessions I had to re-boot my streamer for it to again recognize my network.

Hi AndyL,

I have the Bartók, and ordered a Rossini Clock on the 14th of June. I was quoted a 12 weeks lead time by then as well, but today after nearly 8 weeks it already arrived.

Hi Ermos

No word after eight weeks; I have just chased my dealer for an update. This more in hope than expectation, I imagine Bartok demand is outstripping supply.


Hi AndyL,

I ordered my Bartók early October, 2018 and have received it end of February, 2019…

Good luck while waiting. It is worth it.