Rossini inputs advice

This is my first post, and I am new to the forum. I am using a Rossini DAC/Clock and have recently purchased an Antipodes Audio K50 streamer/server. I will be using the K50 as both server and player, leaving the Rossini as the DAC only. I would like to ask members for their preference on which input to the Rossini they consider to be the best. At present I am using USB, as I already have a USB cable. Many thanks in advance for your replies. Mark.

Streaming with Rossini (ethernet input) sounds best now in my system, also using an Aurender N10, with the Aurender I prefer the AES connection compared to USB. (The Aurender is using a better clock with the SPDIF connections compared to USB)

For the Aurender I keep all the options available, although the AES connection sounds better, DSD64 is the maximum possible, above that I need to use the USB connection.

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Before puchasing the K50, I was using a custom-made computer running Roon. I used the ethernet connection, but now I am using the K50 to stream, I need to use a different input.

You can use AES and/or USB, in my system I prefer AES and sometimes use USB with DSD128/256 files that are on my aurender.

But why not also use a direct ethernet cable to your Rossini in combination with K50 and Roon with aes/usb, that way you can choose.(if you are streaming offcourse)

Hello Mark.
The sound quality of the Rossini DAC is excellent with the Ethernet input. I experienced this with my old ROON Nucleus. To go further in terms of sound quality, I chose the Antipodes K40 server (now K41). The K40 is optimized for an Ethernet connection. Combining the K40 with the Rossini using the Ethernet connection is magic. I am using the Nordost Valhalla II RJ/E interconnect cable.

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Thank you for your replies. Before purchasing the K50, I was using the ethernet connection into the Rossini, and I know that the sound quality is excellent. However, now I am using the K50 as the player, the sound quality has improved again. Using this set up, I was unsure which was the best digital input to use from the K50 to the Rossini. My thoughts were either BNC or AES, and if using hi-res, then I could use an USB cable as necessary. I am USB at the moment because I do not have either of the other two types of cable.