Rossini input question

I am about to pick up a Rossini and have an input question. I have a decent older transport with optical and coaxial digital outputs and HDMI. Is there a way to connect it to the Rossini?

Hi Ben and welcome to our community forum.

At face value and assuming that it is CD only and not CD/SACD then yes. Both coaxial (S/Pdif) and optical ( Toslink) will work.

It is a McIntosh MVP881BR - a CD/Bluray

OK,I haven’t enough time to go into the entire workings of your player but I do note that it has a network port and it maybe (without lots of work I cannot verify this) that you could connect your MacIntosh to Bartok using this which, if it works is the optimum interface.

You may get 16/48 stereo audio from DVD discs using the connections discussed above earlier ( and with the above reservations) but not DSD ( from SACD discs). CD discs should be fine.

Of course I am assuming that you will be connecting Bartok to your network anyway which would occupy the Bartok’s network port although maybe ( maybe) all would be OK if you connect both via a network switch. Let us know to add to our knowledge.

Perfect - Thankyou.
Rossini is on the way and I should have in in a few days. I’m thinking about where to put it in the rack - does it run cool or get pretty warm? The manual is vague re recommend clearance.

It is not hot ! Note that the casework has no venting nor external heatsinks from which you can draw a conclusion.

Nevertheless bear in mind possible electromagnetic interference with components placed adjacent to it. However large clearances are not necessary.

Help pls - I have connected my Synology NAS full of high res to my network via Ethernet to the router. Mosaic is not finding it - what step am I missing?

What UPnP server software have you installed on the Synology?