Rossini Feature Requests - Headphone crossfeed and screen saver

Greetings to everyone here!
I’m new to the DCS world, having just picked up a Rossini Dac two days ago. Congratulations to the DCS team for making such an incredible product.

I do have two feature requests so far for the Rossini:

  1. Add the crossfeed algorithm from the Bartok to the Rossini. I listen primarily through headphones and my headphone amp does not have any crossfeed, so it would be great if the Rossini could include it.
  2. Add a display screensaver mode, so that when a user does something with the DAC (e.g. changes the input) the display turns on for [x] number of user-selectable seconds to confirm the change, then turns off until the user makes another action.

Regards, Andre