Rossini Dac with non dcs clock

I am new to the forum. I have placed the deposit for Rossini Dac. I have no experience with dcs product and this will be my first dcs Dac. I am upgrading from ayre QB-9 to Rossini.
The input to the Dac will be computer running Roon. Also a technic CD player will feed to the Dac.
Based on all reading, the Rossini master clock is preferred but getting into dcs clock is not possible right now and may be for couple of years.
Is it possible to use third party clocks with dcs Dac? Does anyone have experience with third party clocks especially Grimm Audio clock that can be set to 44.1 or 48?

Looking forward to the responses and advices.

Thank you,
Vivek Baghel

I tried a Mutec MC-3 but preferred the sound without this external clock