Rossini dac vs. Rossini player

Do the Rossini DAC and the Rossini Player have the same sound quality? (obviously excluding the CD player, which I’m not interested in) thanks

Aside from one having a silver disc spinner and the other not having it otherwise they are the same and therefore sound the same. Of course there is a difference in respect of comparing the older version with the Apex version.

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If you ask 10 members of this forum if something is the same, you will get 20 different answers (!) That is the joy of open discussions ; )

If you are considering a purchase decision, unless you are wedded to spinning disks, I recommend the player as the transport will eventually break.


I’m not sure that I understand this. Have you mistakenly said player instead of DAC? It is the player that has the transport.

There is a Rossini Player and a Rossini Transport.

Yes but the the read is : Rossini DAC v. Rossini player. The CD/SACD transport does not feature in the comparison . However a transport is a major part of the Player.

I think that @keiserrg has fair point in that any transport will eventually break ( as the OPU is a consumable) and that this is important to those making a product decision and who are not interested in spinning discs.


Apologies and thank you Pete. I meant to write: I recommend the DAC because the transport on the Player will eventually break.

Owned 6 disc spinners in my life, never had any problems with them.

I like the option to play a CD with my Rossini, still have around 2000 CD’s

I loved spinning disks, and the simple act of looking though music as a physical medium.

Then I realized that my entire CD collection, which was in stacks to the ceiling, could be stored in uncompressed lossless format on a thumb drive, and that was that… ; )

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once my dealer said that the rossini dac sounded better than the rossini player (the one that also has the cd), this only referred to listening to liquid music files…

I wonder what he meant by that? As I said earlier, they are the same except one comes with a transport. Perhaps it just meant that or business reasons that he needs to sell a Player ? My serious point is that one should treat other people’s opinions as merely interesting. Only your own personal experience counts. NB: this in no way is meant to imply that Rossini DAC is other than wonderful.

What, like Handel’s Water Music or Debussy’s La Mer.?Or maybe he’s a pop music fan and likes Wet Wet Wet?

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Liquid, like streaming :wink:

I’ve never compared them, but I make this consideration;
they cost more or less the same, I fear that by putting an extra CD player on the Rossini player, they have saved on the quality of the dac / streamer. Or maybe I’m wrong, I don’t know, in fact I was asking …

One costs nearly 3,000 g.b.p more than the other.

As will the Rossini Transport or any other Transport.

The key is, if you want to play CDs, can you find a transport with word clock input and cabling for less than the price of the difference between the Rossini and Rossini Player?

I looked, I couldn’t.

dCS did not cost cut on the DAC inside the Rossini Player as opposed to the DAC-only Rossini.

Yes, the OPU is a consumable part, it it is easily replaceable.
It comes preconfigured and your dealer can do it.