Rossini DAC vs Rossini Player

there are lot of rumors that Rossini dac sounds better than Rossini player (used as DAC not cd player)
any 1 had a chance to compare? any comments from DCS staff will also be helpful =)

also any 1 hearing difference with Buffer on\off? because i hear the with off sound is more transparent but wis ON there is more “texture” in the sound =)

There is no meaningful performance difference between the Rossini DAC and Rossini Player.

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what about buffer option? for what it should be used? what is the idea of the buffer?

The buffer delays the data being sent to the DAC for a fraction of a second. This gives the DAC time to change configuration when a new sample rate is presented to it it e.g. changing from 16/44.1 to 24/192. If it was not there the DAC would not have time to mute and you would hear noises during the change.

Exactly the same data is presented to the DAC before processing, just a fraction of a second later than when the buffer is off.

Therefore unless all of your source material ( including that streamed) is of the same sample rate you should leave the buffer switched on if you don’t want to get noises (and lose roughly the first second or so of the music ) whenever a new sample rate is encountered.

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I seem to hear a difference not dissimilar from the one you’re describing, but prefer the “buffer on” setting. As to the difference between Player and DAC, I cannot comment.

Greetings from Switzerland, David.